Just Because Your Ex Was A Scumbag Doesn't Mean ALL Men Are

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Just Because Your Ex Was A Jerk Doesn't Mean All Men Are

Most women like to think of men as being emotionless and thick skinned. However, so much of what women have been told to believe about guys is TOTALLY false.

From what we’ve seen in Hollywood, to what we’ve been told and how we’ve experienced men in the past, most women think that men act ONE certain way, but not all men are same.

To help debunk some of these beliefs, here are ten common myths that just aren’t true:

1. Men are ONLY interested in sex.


While it appears as though most women want the "happily ever after" — marriage, kids, a nice home, etc. — most men just seem to want sex. The reality is that yes, sex is important to men (duh) and it's one of the things they think about ... but (SURPRISE!) they also want the "happily ever after". 

They may have different outward behaviors than women, but they’re still guided by the same wants, dreams and desires.

Oh, and for the record, men DON'T actually think about sex every seven seconds.

2. Men don’t feel emotions.


As much as men may mask their emotions, deep down they STILL feel them ... perhaps even more so than some women. The reason why so many women fall for this myth is because guys are conditioned differently than girls.

Think about it for a moment. From a young age, girls are taught to share their feelings whereas boys are told to toughen up and keep their feelings to themselves. That’s why men think it’s important to maintain their tough, masculine image.

Believe it or not, deep down men are more vulnerable than they let on.

3. Men are only attracted to gorgeous women.


While this may seem generally true and obvious, what REALLY drives men wild is a woman with confidence and personality. When a woman sees and respects her self-worth, and is also humble and gives her man attention, he’ll fall head over heels for her.

Looks may be one piece of the puzzle, but remember, what matters most is her spark!

4. Men are afraid of commitment.


Men are NOT afraid of commitment, but many DO make excuses (instead of telling the STRAIGHT truth) when they aren't READY yet. Maybe he wants to take things slow, or maybe he doesn’t have that SOLID connection yet. This doesn’t mean he's afraid of it. 

Why would any guy want to be a bachelor forever? Or choose to spend his golden years alone? Sure the idea of marriage can be scary, but don’t think for a second that men aren’t jealous of their friends who have settled down with a great gal.

That said, until they find “the one,” they’ll milk the bachelor life for all that it’s worth. 

5. Men like to play games.

Actually, quite the opposite is true! Men have a craving for respect — so much so that they tend to mean what they say and say what they mean. Typically, they don’t like being branded with a bad reputation (unreliable, selfish, untrustworthy, etc.) so they try to be honest. They aren’t trying to trick you or lie to you. 

Though there will always be one bad apple in the bunch (as with any of these points), this doesn’t mean that guys in general are playing games when it comes to love.

6. Men can't stand emotional women.

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This one’s a biggie because men don’t actually hate emotional women ... they are afriad of "crazy" women. You know — the ones who stalk their every move and throw a screaming fit because he said “Hello” to the female cashier. Those are the women that men don’t want to get involved with.

On the other hand, men actually love emotional women and the thrill they feel when one opens up to them. It's true that they may not always be the best listeners, but it’s usually because they don’t always know how to respond to a woman’s emotions.

Be patient with men, they’ll love you for it.

7. All men are the same.


That’s like saying, “All cupcakes are the same.” Crazy, right?

Men don’t want to be compared to that ex that hurt you. They are their own individual person and you need to accept that just because one selfish ass cheated, it doesn’t mean they’re all going to.

Sure some may share certain beliefs about manliness, have the same hobbies or react similarly in awkward situations, but believe me — not all men are even close to being the same! If one didn’t work out for you, just keep looking. There are plenty of different types of fish in the sea.