3 Ways To Make Over Your Love Life With Kindness

Here are 3 easy ways to makeover your love life with kindness today!


Kindness is the generous balm that can mend our inner hurts and smooth over past disharmony. It can heal. It can calm. It can give life meaning. It can tap us back into our inner joy and joie de vie.

When we apply kindness to our love lives, everything gets sweeter. The gentle ambrosia of kindness uplifts and lightens our romantic lives and transformation happens when we least expect it.

Here are 3 ways to makeover your love life with kindness today!


1. Commit to one act of self kindness right now.

What could you do today to demonstrate your love and caring for yourself? Perhaps get a pedicure, take a nice walk by the water, or enjoy a healthy and delicious green juice. Whatever your body and being crave, be kind and provide that nurturance for yourself today. Your love life will improve because as you care for yourself you increase your capacity to give and receive caring with another.

2. Be kind to your relationship partner.

What is one thing you could do today to share kindness with your partner? You could stick a love note in their briefcase to find tomorrow. You might give them a huge hug and tell them how much you appreciate them. You could get tickets to the movie they have been wanting to see all week and surprise them. A kind act shows you care and everyone loves to feel cared for. The good vibes start flowing and if you make caring for yourself and each other a regular practice, things get better and better.


3. Be kind to the world!

Choose kindness in general and you will feel happier and more engaged and connected to life. Do this with your partner and as a unit you will feel more of a part of your community. You could volunteer together. You could help a mutual friend in need. You could do a guerrilla kindness act and bring your mother  chocolate for no reason. Whatever it is, buddy up with your partner in crime (and kindness) and start spreading the love. When you spread love, you experience more love and every relationship gets improved by even more love.

Get your kindness on today and make your romantic life sparkle with good vibes and love!