Can 'Swinging' Save Your Marriage?

Has swinging become the antidote to divorce?

Can 'Swinging' Save Your Marriage? [EXPERT]

Love and Marriage: two words that bond couples together with vows, commitment, working together as a team, communication and household stability. These are all things that children subconsciously admire in their parents. But sometimes, what appears to be the "happy- go-lucky, accomplished household" is really a façade.

Times are tight; the economy has placed tremendous amounts of pressure on families. It seems like the "I Love Lucy" days where the wife stayed home and was able to rear her children are over. With financial pressures rising, time alone is being limited and marriage counseling has hit an all-time high.


What happens when a couple has had enough of the immediate refuge and is tired of talking about their issues over and over to a licensed therapist? The couple who is not ready for the financial burden of a divorce may turn to swinging.

Young and old couples alike are engaging in sexual activities with people outside of their marriage. To most, this may be seen as strange or deviant. But is it? And is it always a bad thing, or a sign of "trouble" in a marriage? Married couples are mate swapping for increased marital satisfaction, and the benefits and negative effects don't seem to have changed much at all over the decades. I Went Undercover To Explore The Secret Life Of Suburban Swingers


So, who is doing all of this swinging? Studies have shown that demographically, "... swingers cut across all political identifications, come from the middle to upperclass, have a higher degree of education, have white-collar jobs and are middle-aged." Swinging is largely considered a risky sexual behavior, yet couples claim it has strengthened their relational bonds. Single In France: Visiting A Sex Club For Swingers [VIDEO]

Some say that swinging is responsible for opening the doors to communication, leaving married couples feeling less empty, less alone and craving more intimate time with their spouse. It has made couples who were once on the brink of divorce more comfortable with each other and more sensitive to each other's physical and emotional needs.

However, it's important to note that there are many cases where swinging has opened Pandora's Box with severe insecurity, and only unfaithfully put off the inevitable divorce. Whether people have chosen closed swinging, open swinging, soft swinging or just partaking in an open relationship, there is a negative, controversial stigma attached to this type of risky sexual behavior.

I personally enjoy a traditional, committed, monogamous relationship and will admit I have negatively looked at this agreement in the past. Recently, I have seen numerous marriages change for the better and am extremely curious as to what the reasons behind this decision making were.


With extra precautions to prevent STD's and pregnancy, couples are creating new lifestyles for themselves, making new friendships and enjoying a "happier" life. Would you consider swinging to help save your marriage? How To Spice Up Your Married Sex Life (& Keep It That Way)

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