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Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you. Dr. Wayne D. Dyer

About Melody Chadamoyo

I am a certified Law of Attraction and Relationship Coach who helps women who are frustrated and unhappy after being hurt, taken advantage of and betrayed by men who didn’t deserve them, heal their emotional scar tissue, discover their blind spots when it comes to choosing the right partner so that they can have the supporting and happy relationship of their dreams.

I had a marriage that was on the brink of divorce so I know what you’re going through. But through discovering who I truly am, understanding what I needed in a relationship to be my best for myself and for my partner then being vulnerable and powerful enough to ask for and create changes necessary- I was able to transform my relationship into a thriving, health union. With my passion for true love I will help you do the same.

If you ready to experience a romantic relationship the way it should be done- a true partnership- the one that you’ve been waiting for all this time?

Get in touch with me today to create YOUR clear vision and blueprint for your life and relationship and the man with whom you wish to share it all.

Melody Chadamoyo Success Stories

Case Study

Couples in crisis

My friend let's call her, Sheila called me at 10 pm one night because her husband had left her and went back  to his mother. She was in tears and very upset. On the other hand she was also saying, " I can do this on my own, I don't need him."  I let her vent for a while. After listening to her I decided to be truthful to her. My words probably shocked her but I loved her enough to tell her the truth.more

I told her it was not a shock to me that he had left her. A few days before my sister and I needed to borrow a bbq because since my husband's death I had lost confidence in my ability to handle all things that needed tools. (I have since recovered from that). I digress, anyway while we were waiting for let's call him; Peter her husband to collect the bbq from outside we witnessed something that made us really uncomfortable. It went on like this,"Peter will you go outside to collect the bbq? Can you see that your beer is getting warm? Will you sit down now and drink it?" With an impatient voice, "come on Peter, it's getting late will you please go get the bbq the girls want to go?" 

I was looking at Peter losing his patience and self esteem. His shoulders were slumping lower and lower. He looked frustrated and he never said a word. We tried to divert Sheila's attention but she continued to glare at him even when she wasn't saying anything to him. 

I pointed out to Sheila that talking to him like that made him feel less like a man. Her quick response was, "his mother treats him like that." I told her that he doesn't have a choice with the mother he got and has learnt to live with it but he does with you. He can choose not to be treated with disrespect by the woman he married. A man wants to be with a woman who makes him feel like a man. He is already judging himself and sometimes feeling inadequate so being with someone who constantly makes him feel small is not something any real man would allow. I told her not to worry about what he did or his mom did or even what she did but what she was going to do from that day. I offered to help her if she was willing to save her marriage. She agreed. 

We met once every week for 16 weeks and I taught her the secrets I had used in my own marriage to turn it from the brink of divorce to marital bliss. She was comitted and dedicated to change. She did her home work. I would ask how things were going and she answered that they were fine.

Peter came back home after a few days but I advised her not to give him the blame but to take responsibility for the life she wanted to live. 

Slowly and surely things started to improve. We finished our sessions and I moved on to other clients. At this time Sheila was studying part time, working full time and she had 3 kids so there was no space in her life for socialising. Eighteen months later I reached out to her to ask how things were going. 

What she told me really surprised me. She said, "Melody, everything is better now. We're now a team- true partners. He supports me. He does house chores which he never did before. He goes to buy groceries and I don't have to do everything myself. We laugh and play like a family. The best thing is even the kids are better behaved now. Everyone needs to do this course Melody. Thank you so much."

I didn't realise she had continued using the blueprint even at work where she got a promotion. This filled me up with so much joy and pride. That is my reason for doing this work to help women transform their relationships from painful and frustrating to blissful and joyful.