4 Texts Men Love Getting From Their Significant Other (& 3 They Don't Want To Get At All)

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How To Send A Text To A Guy Based On What Men Want From Women In Dating & Relationships

When you're dating or in a relationship, you might find texting as one of the easiest ways of communication.

But, do you know what men from a woman when you're about to send a text?

Text messages are a great way to communicate quickly in relationships, but they are also open to too much interpretation when you’re not there to explain.

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We are all emotional beings and sometimes, words can trigger us to get defensive even when it is not necessary.

There are certain types of messages that will benefit you when communicating with a man. When used properly with good communication skills, texting can do everything from spicing up a relationship to promoting respect and value.

In fact, texting can keep him emotionally stimulated and connected to you.

There are 4 texts men want to get from you.

1. Compliments

Men don’t get compliments from one another often. They also don’t get compliments from women frequently either — they probably just get a lot of complaints.

Compliments are great because they help relax him. He feels like he’s doing well with you. His endorphins might be released from the happiness of receiving something positive from you. He will then associate feeling good with connecting with you.

Go ahead and send a compliment like, "You’re so good at this" or "I’m still thinking about the dinner you made last night. You’re such a great cook." Whatever he is good at, compliment him.

When he gets a compliment from you he will definitely remember and appreciate it.

2. Appeal to his sense of masculinity

Any texts that appeal to his sense of humor, masculinity, intelligence, and accomplishments he will appreciate. If you were to text something like "I always feel safe in your arms", you will be appealing to his masculinity and protective instincts.

He will feel proud of himself when he reads a text like that. The best outcome is he will start to associate those great feelings with you.

If a guy has a great sense of humor, send him a text that reminds him of when he made you laugh. That will make him feel proud. The key is to be authentic.

3. Create sexual tension

People always feel intense emotions when thinking about or anticipating great things to come especially things that are related to sex. So, when flirting, send him texts that remind him of times when you were sexually intimate.

Just focus on creating an image that will get him excited about getting together with you. Make sure your descriptions are vivid so that he sees it as a movie in his head. Use words that describe how you feel, physically.

Paint a picture of how you’re feeling. You could say something like, "I thought of you and I started to feel tingly, faint, and my heart started to beat faster."

You get the drift, right? This is powerful because he’s going to be imagining what you tell him.

This will make him smile and make him remember why you two are so good together.

4. Appreciate his efforts

Your man plans a night out and he goes all out. All his plans fall apart as you find the restaurant has messed up the booking. He tries to rescue the evening and the two of you have so much fun. Finally, he takes you home and you still feel like you’re walking on air the next day.

If you send a text the next day thanking him for a great time, he will appreciate your kind heart and organize another night out in the near future. He will know what makes you happy and he will continue to give you what makes you happy.

Say something like, "I had a good time with you last night."

If you can be specific about some of the highlights of the night then he will love it even more. The best of all is that he will know you’re not going to punish him unnecessarily when something goes wrong in the future.

However, while some texts are welcome men also don’t like receiving text messages that are pressure evoking.

If you haven’t made a commitment and are not exclusive then don’t send text messages that suggest that you are.

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Here are 3 types of texts they're not quite keen to get from you.

1. Negative messages

Keep it positive. Never ever send text messages to discuss something you’re having an argument about. No venting of negative emotions or feelings and no expressing disappointment over text.

If you’re upset about something, wait to tell him in person or over the phone. You don’t want him to misinterpret something that might make things worse or even damage your relationship.

2. Messages that cause stress or a fight

A message like, "Want to meet my parents this weekend?" is full of traps. If he says "no", then you will get upset and you will probably end up in a fight. Meeting the parents is a big deal in many cultures.

Instead of scaring him with that text you could say, "My parents are coming to town and we’re having lunch or dinner. If you want, you can join us?"

This will ensure you’re not pressuring him into meeting them. It might be too soon for you to be meeting parents yet. If you've been dating for a while and he doesn’t want to meet them, then you will know he’s not a keeper anyway.

3. "Where have you been?"

This text sounds like a scolding. No one wants to receive a passive-aggressive text like this, especially not a man. Nobody likes to be criticized and when you ask him where he has been because you’re really saying he hasn’t been contacting you enough.

In addition, it means you were waiting for him to get in touch. A confident woman would not sit around waiting for a man to contact her. She goes out and lives her life when she notices him not responding to her messages.

If a man is playing mind games and he goes off, she can always tell him she’s busy when he comes back. You can still get him to understand that he can’t just disappear and expect you to receive him with open arms without asking him where he was.

Make sure you read your texts before sending them. While spellings are no big deal, auto-correct might change a word and the meaning of your text from positive to negative.

So, there you have it. Now you know what a man wants to hear through a text message and what you should definitely avoid texting him.

At the end of the day, nothing beats good and effective communication skills.

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