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Confidence Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Personal Development Coach, Psychotherapist

About Joanne Brothwell

I have worked as a coach for over twenty years helping people overcome obstacles, improve their lives and achieve greater happiness. My specialization is in recovery from relationship trauma. I

My personal empowerment led me to recognize my life's purpose to share my passion and help others to recover from relationship trauma. This led me to create the Psychological Abuse Recovery Course, a program to heal the shattering trauma of toxic relationships. After psychological abuse, people notice that they are unable to move on and can't seem to get over the pain. The truth is, it is harder to recover from emotionally abusive relationships than it is in a normal relationships because your body, mind and soul have been traumatized by the abuse. The Psychological Abuse Recovery Course is filled with information, examples, and healing tools to help people recover from these devastating relationships.

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