Worker Confounded After Being Denied ‘Accommodations’ For Her Time Blindness — ‘If You Struggle With Being On Time You’ll Never Get A Job'

She encourages workers' rights be prioritized, however many people believed that her request is unreasonable.

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A woman was left in tears after her request for accommodations at a potential new job was denied, and she was told that it “doesn’t exist.” 

Now, she is pushing for “worker’s rights” and claims that they need to be prioritized in the United States. However, many people aren’t so sure that she deserves special treatment, and believe that her request is unreasonable. 

The worker was left confounded after being denied accommodations for her ‘time blindness.’ 

In a TikTok video that has garnered over 1 million views, Sarah Trefren explains that she struggles with “time blindness.” 


“Time blindness” is a term used to describe the inability to recognize when time has passed or how long something will take. According to pediatric behavioral health specialist, Dr. Michael Manos, time blindness is not categorized an as official diagnosis, but rather a general way of thinking and a common symptom of conditions such as ADHD. 

“Everybody has time blindness at times. We all can get caught up in something and get ‘in the zone,’” Dr. Manos explains to the Cleveland Clinic. “Some people with, though, are more prone to having difficulty being able to judge how long something will take to do or to lose track of time.” 


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Dr. Manos claims that those who experience time blindness are likely not purposely losing track of time. “When you’re experiencing time blindness, it’s because you’re running on automatic attention,” he adds. “You’re into something and you’re excited about it. So, you’re not noticing the time.” 

Trefen is one of these individuals who battle time blindness in her daily life. It has affected her work, and before she started a new job, she needed to ask her employer if they allow special accommodations for those who struggle with time blindness. 

However, after Trefren asked one of her potential new bosses about the issue, she said she was met with hostility. “I just got yelled at for asking a very reasonable question,” a tearful Trefen says. 


“They actually started yelling at me and saying that accommodations for time blindness doesn’t exist and if you struggle being on time you’ll never be able to get a job.” 



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Despite her time blindness struggles, Trefren claimed that she is trying her “absolute best” to complete her tasks, and she felt hurt when she was told that her “stupid generation wants to destroy the workplace.” 


She argued that a “culture where workers are just cut off because they struggle with being on time” needs to be “dismantled.” She also noted that there are “solutions” for accommodating those who face time blindness. 

Trefren added that she is not “entitled,” but believes that those in the workplace who refuse to provide accommodations for employees who face difficulties completing tasks on time are the entitled ones. 

“I’m tired of workers’ rights not being prioritized in this country,” she admitted in the caption of her video. “And we’re ‘entitled’ for suggesting it should be different… I don’t think so.” 

Trefren’s video sparked a heated discussion among other TikTok users, some of whom decided to respond with their own videos. 


Some people believed that those who struggle with time blindness should absolutely be accommodated and given more leniency in the workplace.

One TikTok user (@mymediocrebest2.0) who is a therapist that concentrates on ADHD assessment and treatment, offered advice on how Trefren should approach her future employers in interviews regarding her situation. 

“Accommodation language is very vague which makes it really unhelpful. Employers are to provide ‘reasonable accommodation,’ but then it’s up to them to decide what that is and you have to spend money in court to challenge them,” he explained. “If you can get your therapist or doctor to write you a letter with your accommodations, sometimes that does help.” 



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The therapist also suggested “leading with your strengths” when explaining your struggles and specific accommodations with hiring managers. “Sometimes I use the quote, ‘I am the most effective version of myself when…,” he said giving an example. 

He wished Trefren the best of luck finding a position that suits her needs. 

However, many others strongly believed that those who struggle with time blindness had to adjust their habits, especially if they wanted to hold down a job. 

Many people claimed that being on time is an essential part of working and that those who are consistently late and cannot be on time are negatively impacting the work environment. 

TikTok user Mollie (@meatymollie) argued that if an employee’s “accommodation” is making life more difficult for their colleagues and managers, then it is not an accommodation, it is inconsiderate. 


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She encouraged Trefen and others who struggle with time blindness to invest in several clocks to learn how to manage their time better.“They actually make clocks you can wear on your body. It’s called a watch,” she says. “And if you’re worried that you’ll forget to check those clocks there are also alarms that you can set to remind yourself.” 



Mollie added that her boyfriend has ADHD and that he encountered time blindness as a result. “I understand that it can be something really difficult to deal with and I 100% agree with reasonable accommodations,” she said. “But if you are consistently late to your obligations and are unwilling to take the steps necessary to correct that behavior then you are going to have a very hard time navigating the adult world.” 


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Other people who have ADHD understood Trefren’s concerns, and offered their own advice on how they combat time blindness so that they can get their jobs done efficiently.

TikTok user Taryn, (@Taryn!!) revealed that getting into a steady routine is something that has helped her significantly with her own time blindness. 

“One thing I found helpful was getting as much done the night prior as I would have to do in the morning,” she shared, such as picking out her outfit and doing her hair the night before. “The less a person has to do in the morning, the more likely they’ll be on time for work.” 


She also revealed that having a watch, eliminating distractions, and writing a checklist are also beneficial. 



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Taryn said that combatting time blindness is something that has to be done on your own terms instead of expecting everyone around you to make accommodations suited for your needs. “Your employer can’t just simply allow you to be 15 or 20 minutes late if it could possibly interrupt the work productivity,” she said, noting that if you’re looking for more flexible jobs, working as a clerk or an assistant where being on time is not a heavily focused priority, they may be more ideal for you. 


While time blindness is a valid struggle that workers with ADHD can face, it is their responsibility to make changes to their routines and habits that will alleviate their time blindness. There are some factors in the work environment that will not adjust for you. It is up to you to adjust for them. 

For additional help and information on how to manage time and overcome time blindness, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help, including therapy and medication, that will make the transition easier. 

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