Woman Stages Fake Robbery To Teach Roommate A Lesson For Not Locking Doors But She May Have Gone Too Far

Her roommate did it for a reason.

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A woman showed anger toward her roommate after learning that the robbery in her house was faked, however, this reaction has the internet users divided.

The woman later shared her story on Reddit’s “r/AmITheA--hole?” thread to ask people whether she was in the wrong here.

The woman’s roommate played a ‘robbery prank’ on her because she doesn’t lock the apartment doors.

In her post, the woman explained that she lives in a safe city so, she has never developed the habit of locking apartment doors.


However, her roommate — with whom she has been friends for years — has recently become very anxious about this unsafe habit.

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She didn't initially understand the quick change in her roommate's perspective but decided to try to develop the habit of locking the apartment's doors.

Unfortunately, she still forgets from time to time.

One day, when the woman came home, everything in the apartment was scattered. 

“I went in my room and my TV was gone, my mini boba fridge was gone, all my vintage Playboys were gone, so much of my clothes vanished,” the woman explained.


She realized that her apartment had been robbed. After having a minute to herself, she quickly went to check on her roommate. She saw her roommate in her room but was shocked to see something else.

“She had all my things in there. Pranked me to try and teach me a lesson about locking the door,” the woman added.

The roommate stated that she did this to make the woman realize that she should lock the apartment doors. After a huge argument, the woman took back all of her things.

Since then, the woman has pretended that her roommate doesn’t exist.

The woman added, “I’m upset and not over it. I find her thought process alarming and delusional.”


While the woman was upset about the robbery prank, her anger heightened as her roommate never communicated about this issue previously. 

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The woman also reiterated her situation to another one of her friends, who claimed that she was overreacting. 

“As much as I understand that she’s having problems I have received 0 empathy or [questions about] my feelings,” the woman added.

Even then, the woman didn’t think she was in the wrong for reacting the way she did.

Redditors, on the other hand, disagreed with her.

“It does not matter how you were raised. The second you started living with others, the game changed,” one person wrote.


Another user wrote, “Not locking the door or even leaving your door wide open is fine if this is your own house but don't do it if you share with someone. You're jeopardizing their safety with your own negligence.”

However, people felt the woman wasn't entirely to blame and felt her roommate may have gone a little too far.

One user wrote, “To be clear, though, your roommate didn’t 'pull a prank' — she made a point, and it was a very valid one. The way she went about making that point, however, was rather extreme and I do understand why you were upset.”


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