Woman Seeks Advice After Husband 'Loaned' Money They Saved For IVF To His Friend

It included her father's inheritance.

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A woman is seeking the advice of internet users after her husband lent money to his friend that was supposed to be for their IVF procedure.

The woman posted about her situation on Reddit's AITA "r/AmItheA--hole?) thread and asked people for their input.

The woman didn't know what to do after her husband lent her inheritance money to his high school friend.

The woman explained that she and her husband have been trying to have a baby for a long time.




"My husband and I struggled with fertility issues for years," she wrote. "We recently started [a] new method (IVF) in hopes to get at least one child together.” 

She explained that she saved up most of the money for the procedure and that her husband only contributed somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000.


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The IVF failed in their first attempt, however, so the woman put in all her money and included her father’s inheritance money the second time — except her husband secretly took some money out of that.

She wrote, “Last week I found out that he secretly pulled out $7k (we had $11k in total).”

When the woman confronted her husband, he said that he lent the money to his friend so he could buy a car as his old one had been ruined. She wrote, “His argument was that his friend would've done the same for him.”

The woman ordered her husband’s friend to return the money.

The woman’s husband further tried to explain that his friend would return the money. However, the woman didn’t believe him and instead went to his friend. 


She wrote, “I lost it on him and immediately demanded his friend to send the money back and threatened police involvement in case he refused.”

The friend eventually gave the money back but let his friend know that the woman had threatened him with the police. 

It didn’t sit well with the husband and he yelled at her, leading to an argument between the two. 

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The woman mentioned that she thought it was unfair that she was the one to put in all of the money for the IVF which included her father’s inheritance, but her husband thought differently.


The woman wrote, “He ‘corrected’ me saying I'm the one with the problem and he thought it's only fair that I ‘make up’ for it by paying for the IVF myself.”

After the heated argument, the woman thought she may have been wrong and might have ruined her husband’s relationship with his friend.

Redditors let the woman know that she wasn’t wrong and criticized her husband.

People didn’t think the woman was in the wrong in any way and gave her relationship advice.

One user wrote, “Your husband no longer wants to have a child with you. And his lack of [care] and feelings for you, as well as how ready he was to steal money from you, just shows that this relationship is over.”


“It is clear that he is not committed to having a child with you and honestly seems like he has resentment about spending the money on IVF,” another user wrote.

“If are not able to have a child, this resentment will grow and the relationship will only get worse. It’s time to really reassess your marriage and your future happiness.”

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