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Babysitter Asks If She’s Wrong For Calling Cops On Mom Who Was Too 'Hungover' To Collect Her Child

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A boy’s mother didn’t show up on time to pick him up. His babysitter called the police. Now the babysitter is asking if she made the right choice. 

She shared her story on the subreddit thread, “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA), seeking the opinion of other users regarding the situation.

Users had the choice to give her a “You’re the A–hole” (YTA) rating if they believed that she was wrong or a “You’re Not the A-hole” (YNTA) rating if they thought she was not. 

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The woman began her post by explaining that her boyfriend and herself volunteered to look after her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s two-year-old son for the night after the boy’s father canceled. 

“She had plans with her friends for the night and we weren’t busy so we took him overnight when the baby daddy bailed on her,” the woman shared. 

When the mom did not come home, the woman decided to call the police.

She and her boyfriend had plans the next day and could only keep the boy for the morning. They made this clear to the boy’s mother. 

“We told her we had brunch reservations the next morning at 11 and while we were happy to help, she needed to pick him up by 9 am. She knew this and agreed when she dropped him off,” the woman wrote. 

When 9 am rolled around the next morning, the boy’s mother was nowhere to be found. 

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The woman and her boyfriend attempted to call and text her but did not receive a response. One hour later, they tried again. This time, she answered. 

“She picks up in a very groggy voice and tells us she’s got the worst hangover and she won’t be picking him up until 2 pm,” the woman shared. “We remind her of our brunch reservations and she tells us to take him with us!” 

The woman emphasized the difficulties of taking a small child out to a restaurant and her boyfriend had no choice but to cancel their reservations until the boy’s mother showed up to get him. 

The woman said she was “furious” considering the fact that the boy wasn’t hers or her boyfriend’s child and now they were forced to deal with him. 

She ultimately decided to call the boy’s mother and tell her that if she did not show up by noon to collect her son, she would be calling the police to pick up the boy. 

The boy’s mother responded by calling her a “b—ch.” 

“I waited an hour and there was 0 sign of her,” the woman wrote. She added that her boyfriend nor she could drop the boy off themselves since his mother lived in an apartment complex to which they did not have access to get into. 

The woman eventually called the police and told them that she didn’t know where the boy’s parents were and that he was supposed to be picked up two hours ago when they arrived. The police took the boy down to the station. 

At 3 pm, the boy’s mother finally showed up. 

The woman claimed she became “belligerent” after learning that the police were called to pick up her son. “She calls me all sorts of wonderful names and storms down to the police station,” the woman shared. 

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The woman followed up her post saying that her boyfriend and she were unaware if the boy’s mother even made it home the previous night and were unable to contact the boy’s father since they had no information on him. 

She added that this wasn’t the first incident where the boy’s mother had been neglectful. “She’d maybe change his diaper twice throughout the whole day (on a good day) and multiple times I’d seen her refill a bottle that hadn’t been cleaned in days with actual rotten milk inside,” the woman wrote. 

Many Redditors came to the woman’s defense and declared her “NTA.” 

“NTA. I’m very glad you called, because this woman very much needs CPS to be keeping an eye on the health and safety of her child,” one user wrote. 

“Ugh, a 2 yr old never asking for mommy sort of tells you everything, doesn't it?” another user commented. 

Others were horrified over his mother’s treatment of him and urged the woman to call CPS. 

“I'll go a step further: OP [original poster]  you will be an AH if you don't call CPS,” one user shared. “You're aware of the horrible situation he's in. Taking care of him is not your responsibility but you do have a responsibility to not be a bystander. Make a report to CPS.” 

For those concerned about how the boy dealt with being taken into police custody, the woman assured users that he was all right. 

“He was actually excited to ride in the cop car. He’s been passed around so much he isn’t bothered by whoever he’s with :(. never asks for his mom either,” she shared. 

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