Woman Who Refuses To Move Up In Line Until It's Moved All The Way Forward Sparks Philosophical Debate

Some people said she was a monster, others felt she has a point in refusing to move.

woman who refuses to move up in line until its moved forward Reddit; Oleg Elkov / Shutterstock.com; Canva Pro

Waiting in line is just a part of life, but that doesn't make it any less infuriating. And when people don't abide by the generally accepted rules... well, we've all seen how that turns out. 

Usually, it's line-cutting that gets people up in arms, but a recent Reddit post brings a whole other dimension to waiting-in-line etiquette, and it's got people hotly debating the generally accepted way of doing things.


The woman refused to move up in line until it had moved all the way forward.

The anonymous woman was photographed in a line at the one place where waiting in a queue is probably the most annoying: the airport. Going to the airport is, of course, an exercise in waiting in multiple lines. It's all you do the entire time you're there, other than the time you're in the bathroom or at the Chili's Too.

But, as seen below, this woman refused to play that game, and it's landed her on Reddit's dedicated subReddit for "main character syndrome," r/ImTheMainCharacter.

woman who won't move up in line from redditPhoto: Reddit


"This girl at the airport waits until the queue moves all the way forward to move," the Reddit post reads. "People confronted her and she said 'it’s the same if i move now or later'."

Now, if you're anything like me, your blood may already be boiling. But is she actually wrong? Does it make any difference whether she moves now or later? The internet is definitely divided, but the woman has a lot more people than you might expect questioning the topic. 

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Many people were infuriated by the woman who refused to move up in line, saying she was entitled and rude. 

"I would straight-up go around her," one person on Reddit wrote, and others agreed, saying it would get her to move along with a quickness if she saw people cutting. They even suggested knocking all her luggage over along the way to put her in her place.


comments on reddit story about woman who refuses to move up in linePhoto: Reddit

Others suggested teaching her a lesson about rudeness by using her logic against her and pretending to be on the same flight, cutting the line, and then telling her "since we are on the same flight, it doesn't make a difference."

Suffice to say, this woman has not made a ton of new internet friends with her airport queue technique. The casual scrolling on the phone without a single regard for her fellow passengers didn't help, of course. But not everyone agreed.




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Some people couldn't help but feel that the woman had a point, and many of them loved her for her boldness.

Here's the thing — it's kind of impossible to argue that the woman is wrong. Most would definitely want to leap through the screen and give her what-for, but her logic is kind of unassailable. It really doesn't make a difference after all, does it?

TikToker @kentsports said that while he would indeed be infuriated if he were in line with her just on general principal, he couldn't help but sit back and respect her way of doing things. And lots of people online seem to agree — they don't want to be on her side, but they kind of can't find a reason not to be.




Some pointed out that the woman's refusal could cause problems if the the line is excessively long, like if she's making the line snake all the way out to the curb or something by not moving up. Sure, fair enough.

But those intricacies aside, the only real argument is "b-b-but you're not following the rules!" Sure, it's a violation of the social contract of line-waiting, but you can't really fault her reasoning.


Luckily, as the TikToker pointed out, there is a very simple solution to this: "just get TSA pre-check." Then you can skip the lines — and people like this — entirely and have more time for the pre-flight delicacies at the Chili's Too. Priorities, people!

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