Girl's 'Unrealistic' List Of Requirements For Future Boyfriends Shows Just How Low Some Women's Standards Are

Her requirements were labeled as being "too much," when really they appear to be the bare minimum.

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A young man named Santiago stitched a video on TikTok based on a young woman’s post in which she declared, “I’m 19 and I have never had a boyfriend but here are my standards.” While she’s never been in a romantic relationship, she does have a “30-page list of qualifications and standards” for her future person to meet.

The girl’s ‘unrealistic’ list of requirements for future boyfriends sparked outrage.

Mia Ristaino's original video listed her requirements, which received over a million views and led to tons of feedback from men who suggested she "slow her roll" as well as comments telling her to lower her standards.




In his TikTok post reaction to Ristaino's video, Santiago goes through the various stipulations the girl has for a potential partner. He explains that the comments on her video “are absolutely ripping this girl apart because whatever she’s asking for in the video is a little bit too much, so let’s go through the video and see what is too much for these guys.”


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As Santiago reads through her requirements, it's clear that what she's asking for is really the bare minimum.

“First of all, I have to be attracted to the person,” Ristaino explained before Santiago’s face flashes back on the screen, commenting, “Hey, number one, she has to be attracted to her partner. I know, how ridiculous of this girl to wanna be attracted to her partner, but I’m sure something more unreasonable is coming up through this video.”



“I used to be super picky about height, but now, as long as you’re taller than me, I’m cool with it,” the girl went on. “I’m 5’4, so it’s not that hard… but now, you just gotta have a good, strong jawline, and a sweet-looking face.”


Santiago interjected his analysis, stating, “Okay, so the guy needs to be above 5’5 and have a strong jawline? This is what we’re complaining about, guys? There are videos on TikTok where girls are asking for a guy who makes a billion dollars and is 7 foot 4 but this is what we’re getting upset about? Okay, maybe the video is gonna get more insane as we go on. Let’s see what else she asked for.”

The girl went on, saying, “For smiles, I am pretty picky, You gotta have a good smile. I don’t know, it’s just, to me, it’s a really big deal. And you also have to like, look clean, I don’t know, hygiene is a huge thing for me. Must understand emotions, and I don’t care if you’re a little bit emotional, too.”

“Okay,” Santiago cut in. “He needs to have a good smile, shower regularly, and, you know, understand emotions… Is something gonna happen that I’m supposed to be upset about here?”

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The qualities the girl expects potential partners to have are entirely reasonable, yet the anonymous men of the internet can’t handle any expectation of human decency, deciding instead to tear her down. 

“I wanna be your best friend, and I want you to be my best friend,” the girl stated in her post. “You have to match my obsession with the beach.”

“Now, that one was totally uncalled for,” Santiago exclaimed. “She wants to have a friendship with her boyfriend, that’s ridiculous. And he has to have a common interest of hers, now this girl’s really getting unreasonable.”

The screen switched back to the girl’s post, in which she explained that she wants to take things slow, so whoever she dates has to be open to that. She describes wanting someone with “a very contagious laugh.” 

Santiago skewered the men complaining about her apparently unreasonable requests, stating, “If you think these standards are so high that this is an explanation to why she’s been single for 19 years, when that’s literally a completely normal age to be single for, what do you expect her to do, have a relationship when she’s 4 years old?” 


He rightfully interpreted the underlying issue, that the men claiming her standards as ‘unrealistic’ are reflecting who they really are — people who can’t be bothered to meet the basics of human kindness. 

“I guarantee if you ask any of these guys what would you like your girlfriend to look like, they’d all give some absolutely ridiculous comparison of what they want their girlfriend to look like,” Santiago pointed out another absurd aspect of the collective male backlash.

“This girl said that she wants her boyfriend to smile, take showers, and just be a happy person, and guys are like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. Dude, what fantasy world are you living in?’” He stated.


Santiago ended his post by offering advice to the girl, stating, “Don’t take anything in the comment section seriously because that was one of the most basic and normal requirements I’ve ever heard a girl ask for their partner on this app ever. Good for you. I wish you the best of luck.”

As the girl expressed, she wants to date someone kind, who makes her laugh and shares her interests. On a human-to-human level, those qualities should be a basic expectation. They’re not anything so radical that she should be labeled unrealistic. Her priorities appear to be in the right place, now, she just has to wait for those around her to catch up.

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