Woman Throws A Confetti Popper At Husband During Gender Reveal Party — And People Are Encouraging Him To Leave Her

She blamed her behavior on "pregnancy hormones," but others argue that there are no excuses.

gender reveal party @emmabmillerr / TikTok

A gender reveal party turned into anything but the exciting, celebratory event it was intended to be after a father-to-be prematurely popped the confetti canon that revealed their baby’s gender. 

However, people quickly became more concerned over the man’s wife’s reaction to his mistake, which she blamed on her “pregnancy hormones.” Many Internet users are now encouraging the man to leave his wife, noting that there is no excuse for her behavior. 


The woman threw a confetti popper at her husband after he accidentally popped his before photographers were ready.

When Emma Miller (@emmabmiller) and her husband found out that they were expecting their first child, they decided to have a gender reveal party with their close family and friends so they could all learn the sex of their baby at the same time. Miller posted the video of the big moment to TikTok, where it has garnered over 12 million views. 



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As Miller and her husband stand side by side with confetti poppers that will reveal the gender in their hands, their guests can be heard counting down from three to signal the parents when to set off the poppers. However, when they get to one, a photographer capturing the big moment shouts at them to wait. 

Miller’s husband does not hear the warning, and sets off his confetti popper, sending an explosion of blue into the sky. 

Before he can even react to the news that they are having a son, his wife, who also set off her confetti popper, angrily turns toward him. “Why’d you go?!” she hollers at him before throwing her empty confetti canon at him. 

Miller’s husband appears to be bewildered by her reaction in front of their murmuring guests. 


Miller blames her behavior on her “pregnancy hormones.” “When your husband doesn’t do the gender reveal right & your pregnancy hormones start to rage in front of everyone,” she writes in the text overlay in the video. 

While the mom-to-be may have chalked up her actions to hormones, other people believed otherwise. 

“‘Pregnancy hormones?’ I call that attitude!!” one TikTok user commented. 

“Those are not ‘pregnancy hormones.’ That’s just her being mean for no reason,” another user wrote. 

Others pointed out that Miller’s husband was not to blame since a countdown could clearly be heard in the background. “Get mad at the one who said, ‘No wait,’ as he was counting down!!” another user noted. 


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Others believed that Miller should not have reacted negatively at all, as it was a memorable moment for both her and her husband which would now possibly be tainted by her anger. 

“One thing people have to learn is that it’s not just YOUR experience, it’s your partner’s experience too. Don’t ruin the day for them simply because you can’t control your pregnancy hormones,” one user commented. 

Some people went as far as to advise Miller’s husband to leave her.

Many fear how she acts toward him behind closed doors if she had no issue throwing objects at him in front of people. 


While Miller’s reaction may have been shocking and uncalled for, we all have our moments where our self-control slips from our grasp and we act in ways that we later regret.

This does not imply that Miller secretly abuses her husband or has bitter feelings toward him. A moment she had likely dreamed about for a long time just did not go the way she expected, and she had a momentary lapse in judgment over her behavior. 





Based on other videos posted to her TikTok account, Miller clearly adores her husband and they are both over the moon about becoming parents together! 


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