Woman Asks If She’s Wrong For Telling Her Niece The Truth About Who Her Real Mother Is

She was lied to for her entire life.

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A woman who had been aware of a secret that was being kept from her niece went to Reddit to ask people if she was wrong to finally tell her the truth.

The woman explained that her sister, Kim, had passed away just two years after giving birth to her daughter, Laura.

The woman's other sister, Jane, began dating her late sister's husband soon after her passing and eventually got married.

Jane raised Kim's daughter and never told her the truth about her mom.

The couple even wanted to shield Laura from knowing about her real mother.


The woman wrote, “Tom got rid of any items that would suggest he and Kim were ever in a relationship and made his family swear to never tell Laura the truth.” 

The woman wasn't accepting of this and refused to do it. As a result, she couldn’t be in touch with Laura. 

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As there was a conflict between the family and her, the woman didn’t speak much to her family.

After several years, when Laura was 18, she got in touch with the woman. She questioned why the woman had distanced herself from the family. While she didn't immediately reveal the secret, she eventually told Laura everything.


The woman wrote, “We were video chatting and something about looking directly into her eyes broke me and I confessed to everything.” 

Laura’s parents were enraged with the woman for revealing their secret.

After revealing Laura’s real mom, the woman gave some of Kim’s videos to Laura but didn’t hear back from her.

Apparently, Laura had talked about this with the rest of the family and moved out of her house. She wasn’t speaking to anyone and no one knew where she went.

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The woman wrote, “Recently I got a call from an enraged Jane and Tom berating me for ruining their family.”


Everyone in the woman’s family seemed to dislike her decision of revealing the secret and was angry with her. After all of that, the woman thought she might have been wrong to tell Laura about Kim. 

Redditors showed support to the woman and mentioned that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Internet users were rather shocked to find out about such a situation. Many people wondered how Jane could do that to her sister and felt bad for Laura. 

Everyone mostly felt that what the woman did was right and that Laura deserved to know the truth.

One user wrote, “Lying to a child and completely erasing her mother, and forcing the entire family in on the lie, is just plain wrong. I am so brokenhearted for that poor girl. She's feeling like her entire life is a lie. And it was. That's so sad.”


Many people also mentioned that there might not have been anything wrong with Jane getting together with Tom, however, they didn’t have to completely erase Kim.

One person wrote, “They should have been honest from the start and they could have still been a family, I’m sure your niece wouldn’t have loved Jane any less if she knew the truth as Jane was raising her too.”

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