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Woman Taking Her Niece To Court Over A Coat Asks If She Went Too Far

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Gifts, especially when they’re on the more expensive side, are cherished. 

One woman received such an expensive gift from her mother-in-law that after it was damaged by her niece, she’s now threatening to take her to court.

The story was shared on Reddit’s “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA), where users from across the internet ask for advice on a conflict in their lives. 

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The woman’s niece threw a paint balloon on her $20k coat. 

The 28-year-old woman, explains how she has a 16-year-old niece who is her sister’s only child. 

“My mother-in-law gifted me a coat that is worth more than $20k,” she wrote, explaining how she became enamored with it after seeing her mother-in-law wear it. 

At first, she didn’t know how much it was and assumed it was only around $3k. 

When visiting her sister in January, the niece searched for the jacket online and revealed to her aunt how much it actually cost. 

“I didn't wear it after that because I was afraid of ruining it,” she said. 

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However, she decided to wear it while visiting her sister recently. When she was about to leave, she felt a thud on her back. 

Apparently, the niece thought it would be funny to throw a paint-filled balloon on the jacket. 

“I was so p-ssed off while she was not apologetic at all,” she said. “Her mom screamed at her and said she was grounded. Then [her mom] said she will pay for the dry cleaning.”

While in the car, still recovering from the chaos, the woman got a notification that her niece posted a reel on her Instagram. 

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“It was of her doing a prank on me, and she said ‘I'm going to hit my aunt's $20k coat with a paint-filled balloon to see how she reacts.’ I saved it on my phone, sent it to her mom and told her that a week's grounding is not enough.”

While the mother didn’t reply, the woman noticed the reel was later taken down. 

“The next day I found out my coat could not be saved, so I called my sister and told her that her daughter has to pay it back. We got into an argument and she said that they will not be paying for it and if I wanted a new one, I should get my husband to buy it for me. I think that they should pay for it.”

After not reaching an agreement, the woman threatened to sue them and reminded her sister that she had “video evidence that her daughter did it on purpose for online clout and knew exactly how expensive it was.”

Now she’s wondering if she’s wrong because of how divided her family is on the situation. 

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Reddit users have agreed the sister should pay for the jacket. 

16 years old is old enough to understand how wrong it is to destroy other people’s property, especially when it’s as expensive as $20k. Actions have consequences. 

Many Reddit users in the comments seem to have agreed that the sister and her daughter are in the wrong for their actions. 

“She and her family need to learn the value of money," one user commented.

"Since the parents don’t feel they should have to repay it they are equally at fault. They literally let their daughter’s need for online attention write a check her ass couldn’t cash. An expensive lesson for everyone involved.”

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