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Woman Shares The 7 Words That Could Reveal That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

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There are many ways we can determine if our partner is being unfaithful to us. Sometimes it is the look in their eyes, the obvious guilt plastered on their face, or just the way they speak to us. Or maybe, it could even be what they say to us, and how they say it. 

One woman claims that if you ask your partner if they are being unfaithful, and they say seven specific words, it means they’ve already strayed from the relationship. 

The woman shares that if your partner says, "Go ahead and believe what you want" when you confront them about cheating, it implies that they are guilty. 

Mariah Fernando, a popular digital creator, took to Instagram to share her warning. “If you confront your man for cheating and he says, ‘Go ahead and believe what you want, I hate to break it to you ladies, but that man is guilty,” she says in a video. “He is guilty!” 

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Some people agreed with Fernando, believing that the particular quote was a way for cheating partners to deflect the question, gaslight or, even worse, admit to their guilt since they no longer care about the relationship.

“This is unfortunately very true,” one user commented. “If he was innocent, he would be aggressively defending himself,” another user wrote.

However, the majority of people disagreed with Fernando’s take for a variety of reasons.

Some of them pointed out that we are often unaware of the context of the relationship, and how and when one partner was accused of cheating. They may have been asked countless times, and although they were telling the truth and maintained their innocence, their partner still did not take their word.

“I have to disagree. I was accused constantly and finally told her to believe what you want... turned out it was her [cheating] the whole time,” one person shared.

Others believed that a partner could respond that way when they simply grow tired of catering to their partner’s insecurities.

“It doesn’t mean he is cheating... it could mean he isn’t gonna argue pointlessly with an insecure childish person,” another person wrote. “It could mean that no matter what evidence or explanation is given, the person won't be believed. It is what I would say and I've never been a cheater,” another user admitted.

Other people believe that you should never accuse your partner of cheating unless you have definitive proof or valid suspicions. Even if they are innocent, if there is no proof of their infidelity, they may tell you to “believe what you want” out of frustration. “He's just sick of you playing Sherlock Holmes with no proof,” one user suggested.

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There are many other ways to determine if your partner is cheating besides their response to the question.

So, how would you really be able to tell that your partner may be cheating? According to relationship therapists, there are many behavioral patterns your partner may display that do not involve them saying, “Go ahead and believe what you want.”

They could have sudden, unexplained changes in their usual schedule that they do not discuss with you beforehand. “Someone who must ‘work late’ all of a sudden at times that go beyond a reasonable explanation may be cheating,” psychologist Paul Coleman told Prevention.

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Someone who may be cheating may also have a sudden interest in improving their physical appearance. “If your partner is suddenly wearing cologne or spending a lot of money on new clothes, and it was never their thing in the past, it’s not unreasonable to inquire why,” Coleman says.

If you directly ask them about cheating, they will probably not respond the way Fernando predicts. Instead, they will answer the question with a question.

“A cheater may answer a question with a question, like ‘Why do you ask?’ or “Why is that important?’” Coleman adds. “If there is an innocent explanation for why some things have changed there is no need for defensiveness.”

Of course, these are only a few indications that your partner is cheating, and they may not always be true in every relationship.

If you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful, the best way to approach is to ask them directly (non-aggressively) and decide where you should both go from there based on their answer. Every relationship is different, and when one is accused of cheating, the way they respond may or may not imply anything.

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