Woman Shares The Clothes Her Dad Bought Her For Her Birthday Without Any Help — 'My Therapist Will Be Hearing About This’

His choice in clothing could be way worse, but it's the thought that counts.

@samclardy on TikTok @samclardy / TikTok

“If you’re ever wondering whether a man should buy a girl clothes — specifically, a father for a daughter — with absolutely no help... I would suggest not,” Sam Clardy proclaimed at the beginning of her viral TikTok

The basis for her statement quickly became clear, and viewers found it hilarious.

A woman posted a TikTok showing off the questionable outfits her dad bought her for her 25th birthday.



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To preface the reveal, the clothes honestly aren’t that bad. They may not be the most stylish choices for a 25-year-old, but let’s give the dad credit where it’s due — they do look comfortable, they’re color-coordinated, and they fit perfectly.

Okay, maybe they aren’t the best, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Clardy explained how her father bought her new clothes for her birthday. “My dad decided for my birthday that he wanted to get me some clothes. He’s over what my generation wears,” Clardy said. “I’m like, okay Dad, knock yourself out. This man decides to go on Facebook, and this is what he gets.”


Clardy then showed off two different outfits her father bought for her: a blue blouse with blue pants, and an American flag t-shirt with red capris.

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daughter shows off the new clothes her father bought herPhoto: TikTok / @samclardy

The outfits may not have been a hit with Clardy, but according to the comments on her TikTok, the outfits would land well with an older crowd.


Many were quick to comment about how their elderly family members have a similar wardrobe, saying, “My grandma owns this same outfit for sure,” “This is literally what my grandma wears like she has this outfit in 12 different colors,” and “My grandma’s go-to summer outfit” were a few of the comments on the style.

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In response to Clardy’s confusion over the lengths of the pants (shorts?), one person commented, “Oh — those?? Those are pedal pushers... that’s what Grandma Phyllis called them, at least,” to which Clardy replied, “I love Grandma Phyllis.” 

One commenter was generous with their interpretation of the dad’s intentions. “Ok but I see his vision,” they said. “70s summer teeny bopper on a beach cruiser. You were the model, but Marcia Brady was his muse.” Another person remarked, “Oh Y2K style really is coming back!”


daughter shows off the new clothes her father bought herPhoto: TikTok / @samclardy

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While the overall consensus was that the outfits were hideous, people really appreciated the effort Clardy’s dad put in.

“My dad’s never taken the time to go shopping for me in any way. So this is really sweet,” one comment said. “It’s so bad but this is beyond wholesome,” said another, to which Clardy responded, “Exactly, can’t even hate on it because it came from a loving place hahaha.”


To conclude the saga, Clardy posted a face reveal of her father, who looked exactly how commenters expected him to. In the video, her extremely British dad is decked out in knee-length American flag socks and a shirt featuring a bald eagle emerging from yet another flag. “God Bless America,” his shirt read.



“Now it all makes sense,” users commented in response.

TikTok loves a classic, goofy Dad moment, and Clardy’s videos delivered. You have to appreciate an earnest gift, even if it’s an outfit you wouldn’t usually touch.


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