Woman Says She Found A 'Lazy Girl Job' Sent From Heaven — 'I Do Wanna Work, I Just Don't Wanna Work Hard'

People need jobs that don't burn them out and leave them with enough energy to pursue their dreams outside of work.

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How easy would life be if we could just chill out by the pool, have a drink, and luxuriate instead of spending endless hours at the office in order to support ourselves financially? Unfortunately, most of us have to work, despite how unmotivated or exhausted we may be.

One lucky woman may have found the answer to our prayers. TikTok content creator Toyin revealed her “lazy girl job” that she absolutely loves, which requires little effort while earning an exceptional income.


The woman shared the secret of how she got her ‘lazy girl job’ at a dental office, and how you can too.

Toyin's TikTok video, which has been viewed over 4 million times, described her job as “sent from heaven” as she reflected on her first week of work. She explained that she previously worked in tech consulting, where she was constantly feeling “burnt out” and quickly realized that it was not the job for her.

Luckily, while on the hunt for a job that would give her the time and energy to pursue her dreams, she found the perfect position, and she urged anyone and everyone unhappy with their jobs to do the same.




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“You’re going to look for an administrative position at a dental office,” Toyin urged. “Ensure that the dental office is a corporate dental office and it is not a private dental office... You want to make sure that you get paid well and you get benefits,” she said.

Her role is a “patient care coordinator” and she ONLY (emphasis on ONLY!) checks in patients for their appointments and confirms their appointments via telephone. She admitted that she had no idea that the job would be as easy as it is. “Your day will look like checking in people, answering phones all day, taking messages, calling and confirming [appointments],” she detailed.


If this sounds like the perfect job, Toyin revealed exactly what you should include on your resume to increase your chances of being selected for a similar position.

She said to add customer service and tech administration as your preferred interests, and be sure to highlight “being a team player, highly organized, and multitasking” as your special skills.

“If you love admin work, if you love looking cute while doing admin work, and if you like limited interaction with men, you need to get this job!” she declared. If you also love specific and consistent routines where limited problem-solving is required, this position may be your ideal match.

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You may earn a pretty hefty salary as well! According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a patient care coordinator falls between $46,000 and $68,000.

Some people thanked Toyin for her advice, confessing that they, too, love their lazy girl jobs. “You get it. I don't care about climbing the corporate ladder, I just need to make enough to enjoy my life outside of work!” one TikTok user commented. “Went straight to Google & found a dental office 15 minutes away looking for a receptionist. Watch me be a cute little front desk girlie,” another user shared. “I just want to get paid to exist,” another user hilariously admitted.

However, there were other people who were not so sure if any job position at a dentist’s office could be considered a "lazy girl job" since it involved managing important healthcare appointments for patients. Other commenters argued that a job requires you to always give it your all.


In response, Toyin posted a follow-up video explaining why low-maintenance jobs are crucial for our well-being and work performance.

Chances are, you have passions that exist beyond working. Whether it’s travel or spending time with loved ones, there should be a fair balance between your work and personal life.



“We want to be able to put fuel into our dreams,” she explained. “How can we do that if these jobs are burning us out?” She further stressed, “I do wanna work, I just don’t want to work hard.”

Toyin is clearly adamant in her belief that people deserve jobs that “leave you with enough energy to chase your dreams outside of work.” If you spend the majority of your days working, there will not be any time to follow your dreams.


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Many employees are beginning to feel the impacts of long hours and strenuous effort.

A report from Indeed found that 52% of today’s workforce report feeling burnt out and unmotivated since the start of the pandemic, and it only seems to be getting worse. For many, what once started as a dream job has now become a nightmare of endless deadlines, unrealistic expectations, and breaks so short that they do not even have time to collect themselves and grab a coffee.

It doesn't have to be this way.

These so-called “lazy girl jobs” that require a reasonable amount of work and effort and allow employees to actually clock out at the end of the workday, without worry of being contacted after hours, can improve work productivity drastically.




If employees are afforded an appropriate amount of free time, they will be more alert, focused, and ready to take on the day’s duties. Research has shown that sufficient sleep not only improves employee productivity but also creativity.

You work to live, not live to work. You should work on what makes you happy and fulfilled.

And thanks to Toyin's honesty about her “lazy girl job,” we may all get to experience a lot less burnout and a lot more fun.


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