An 'Anti Work Girlboss' Gives Advice On How To Get 'Lazy Girl Jobs' So You Can Quiet Quit Right Away Without Anyone Noticing

She takes "work smarter, not harder" to a whole new level, and people are thanking her for it.

TikTok anti-work girlboss advising about lazy girl jobs you can quiet quit @gabrielle_judge / TikTok

In some jobs you give your all, in some jobs you phone it in and collect a paycheck, but usually, the latter are survival jobs like retail or restaurants. One TikToker, however, has a whole process for merging the two — getting all the benefits of a "good job" while coasting along doing the bare minimum.

She takes "work smarter, not harder" to a whole new level, and people online are thanking her for it.


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TikToker Gabrielle Judge has a method for getting what she calls 'lazy girl jobs' that you can quiet quit right from the beginning.

Judge, the self-proclaimed "anti-work girlboss" of TikTok, where she posts videos under the username @gabrielle_judge, creates content about "tech, money and work." That includes the heroic task of teaching people how to find good-fitting jobs with good pay that don't take over their lives — a hot commodity in today's job market, where employers have made it clear that even the most dedicated employees are expendable.


So what are "lazy girl jobs" exactly? Judge describes them as "something that you can basically quiet quit... where you could make like 60 to 80K — so like, pretty comfortable salaries — and not do that much work and be remote," she says. Examples include, "marketing associate, some type of account manager or a customer success manager — that's a very good lazy girl job."



She goes on to describe them as well-paying jobs that don't require you to work late, which she says leads to all sorts of other benefits. "It takes the pressure off of childcare as a whole because you have kind of this easy job that's extremely flexible." She says she "truly believes" that "women are not meant to live paycheck to paycheck," so she's come up with an actual tutorial for those who feel like joining the "lazy girl jobs" life.

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Judge says landing 'lazy girl jobs' is all about asking the right questions in interviews to figure out just how lax you can be in the position.

In another video, Judge shared a series of interview questions she says help people land an easy-peasy lemon-squeezy job. For example, "how is risk-taking handled?" Judge says that's "corporate for 'when I f--k up, how do y'all react?'" She says if "they start describing this cut-throat competitive environment, get out."



She also advises asking how performance is measured. "This, in corporate language means, 'how do you micromanage me?'" She then advises applicants to ask the hiring manager to "describe a high-performing employee on your team," which she says is "corporate for 'how hard is this job?'"

She said that, more than anything, God is in the details when it comes to these interviews.


"Are they late? Are they tired? Are they unprepared?" These are huge clues, Judge says. "Are they late because they're too busy working hard?... Why are they tired? Are they working in an environment where they can't take time off?... Are they wearing too many hats?" That's definitely not "lazy girl job" vibes, so consider it a red flag!

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But Judge cautions that a 'lazy girl job' does not actually mean you should be lazy at work — and discretion is key. 

To borrow a phrase, the first rule of "lazy girl jobs" club is, do NOT talk about "lazy girl jobs" club! Judge says she's heard from countless people who have ended up getting fired for calling their current job a "lazy girl job" or talking about wanting to find one on social media. "Please stop posting about your lazy girl job," she urged in another video.



She clarified that it's the job itself that should be imbued with laziness, not the workers.


"Lazy girl job does not mean that you're being lazy... or being a jerk at your job," she said. "It's that this job should be paying your bills and have so much work-life balance that you should feel [almost as if] you're operating in a lazy state because it should be so shocking to you" because of how starkly it contrasts with our "work-centric... capitalist society that profits off of you... doing more work than you're paid for."

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Judge says we should all be questioning this way of doing things. "My goal is just for you to start questioning why you work," she adds.


And while Judge says she's gotten a lot of blowback, both online and in media coverage of her "Lazy Girl Job Program" — as anything and anyone that interrogates capitalism tends to do — many people on TikTok are loving her take on work.

"We should stop saying quiet quitting, which is employer focused," one commenter wrote. "I’m acting my wage, doing exactly what I’m paid to be doing." Another wrote, "this doesn’t sound 'lazy'! It sounds smart, healthy and balanced."

And really, should it be that controversial to want that out of your job? As one woman put it, "it's literally just work-life balance, not having to be in fight or flight mode."

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