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Woman Took In Her Siblings When She Was Just 19 — Now Her Sister Is Calling Her Out For Being A Better Mom To Her Own Kids

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Older Sister, Younger Sister

"My sister took my brothers and [me] in when we were just 4 years old, 5 years old, and 6 years old. She was only 19 at the time," begins a woman who wrote to Reddit’s "r/AmItheA–hole" (AITA), a subreddit where users from across the internet ask for advice on a conflict in their lives. 

"My sister] did sacrifice a lot for us," she writes explaining that her sister was even dumped by her boyfriend of 7 years when he learned she was fighting for custody.

The youngest sister, now 17 years old, explains that her sister even took up three jobs just to support her siblings and "never went without food or clothes or even toys."

However, she claims the one thing she went without was a "nurturing environment."

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She is resentful that her sister is now a much better mom to her own kids.

“My sister was always stressed and irritable. I also felt like she had resentment towards us at times for having to be stuck with us rather than pursuing her dreams.”

The teen gives an example of how frustrated her sister would become over the smallest things; for example, if any of the siblings spilled a glass of milk, their older sister would become irate and yell at them for what they did. 

Fast forward to now, the oldest sister is doing much better; she’s married with a 2-year-old and is pregnant with another—but her sister just can’t seem to be happy for her. 

“I see how she treats them and I can tell she loves them very much,” she writes. “I even watched her toddler spill a glass of milk and [her sister] was so calm and loving about it, she even jumped on this new gentle parenting trend.”

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After watching her sister, the teen became angry and ‘called out’ her sister for not treating her siblings with the same care. 

“She wasn't like that with me so I called her out on it in front of my brothers and her husband," she writes.

"I told her that it's unfair that I didn't get the gentle side of her rather I got the harsh and cold side of her when I was just a child. She was shocked to hear me say that and started crying saying she did her best with what she had.”

Multiple people stood up for the sister, including the two brothers that she took in. 

Now, users in the comments are calling the youngest sister selfish and cruel to her sister, with one user pointing out the obvious: the oldest sister didn’t have to sacrifice all she did for her siblings. 

“YTA- Your sister dropped her whole life at 19 to take care of THREE kids,” they wrote.

“I understand being upset at having a less-than-perfect childhood, but childhood doesn't magically stop at 18. She was still a kid when she was taking care of you three. She was stressed and having major difficulty. Respectfully- you suck.”

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