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Woman Slammed For Labelling Her Fiance’s Birthday Celebration For His Son ‘Embarrassing’ & Picking A Fight

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Parents celebrating their children's birthday

A woman is facing backlash on Reddit after sharing how she reacted to her fiance's celebration for his son's birthday.

What should have been an enjoyable dinner was ruined by her response and a subsequent argument so she decided to ask for some outsiders' perspecitives.

Taking to Reddit's “r/AmItheA--hole" subreddit, where users share and respond to each other's conflicts, the woman shared her story.

The woman felt embarrassed by her fiance singing the birthday song because they were at an expensive restaurant.

She explained that she has been with her fiance, Ned, for a year and a half.

Ned has a 5-year-old son with his ex and his birthday was coming up. 

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“His son is lovely but I noticed that Ned takes him everywhere he goes, including places that aren't child friendly and we have an issue with that now but we're working on it,” the woman wrote.

The doting father decided he wanted to celebrate the child's birthday at a local high-end restaurant, but the woman didn't think it was the most suitable venue for a child's birthday.

During dinner, the birthday cake for Ned’s son came out which made the woman confused.

She figured that they would celebrate at home where everyone would be comfortable singing the birthday song.

“I still had no issue with that [until] Ned started singing the 'happy birthday song' to his son. I was stunned I almost drop my plate,” the woman continued.

“He was singing it at the top of his lungs not even looking around or paying attention to how many people staring at us awkwardly.”

After enduring the embarrassment, the woman whispered to her fiance to stop singing.

However, her fiance just kept ignoring her and continued with the song.

The woman wrote, “Of course, my future stepson was hyped and a little too active which isn't good when we're at a public place.”

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She thought that someone from the restaurant's staff would come up to their table and ask them to stop but no such thing happened.

Instead, a woman came up to them and offered to take a video recording of their celebration. 

After they went back to the car, she told her fiance he had embarrassed her in front of everyone. 

The woman argued that the whole celebration could have been done at home but her partner insisted that his son needed something special to cheer him up because his mother had been sick recently.

“He looked shocked saying he didn't get why I would be embarrassed by him celebrating his son's birthday and cheering him up,” the woman added.

Ned hasn’t been talking to the woman since then and is quite upset.

The woman then stated that she feels her fiance is being a bit harsh with her and asked internet users what they thought.

Reddit users claimed the woman was wrong in this situation.

One user wrote, “He did nothing wrong, and you're a jerk. Also, you have really weird opinions about what is embarrassing and your partner is clearly not on the same page.”

Another user wrote, “It's not embarrassing to sing Happy Birthday to a child. It is, however, super embarrassing to look pissed off at a person singing happy birthday to a child at the same table as you.”

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