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Woman Wonders If She Was Wrong To Kick Sister Out In The Middle Of The Night After She Threw Away Her Food

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A woman found herself in a tricky situation with her health conscious sister and is now unsure if she overreacted.

The woman, aka Reddit user u/Scared-Outside4725 recently made a post on the subreddit r/AmItheAsshole asking for advice on her situation. 

The woman was asking for opinions about her actions and the actions of her sister while her sister was staying over at her house during a work trip.

The woman’s sister threw out all of her food while she was out.

According to the original poster (OP), she was hosting her sister while she was in town for a job interview. The OP lives close by to her parents who were very excited to have her sister back after a long time away.

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She wrote of her parents' reaction, “My mother was ecstatic that my sister might be ‘coming home finally’. She moved across the county right after college and hasn't been back in almost 10 years except for Christmas (she spends Thanksgiving with her in-laws) or the one off birthday/business trip/vacation.”

The woman opened her home up to her sister, despite describing their relationship as one of, “‘apathetic love’. Like, she's my sister so I want her to be healthy and happy, but we just unfortunately don't hang out, call to chat, etc.”

So her sister came and things were uneventful for the first two nights, but when the woman came home from a night out with her friends, she was shocked to find what her sister had done in her absence.

Almost all of the woman's food was gone.

It wasn’t immediately apparent, but the described the moment when she discovered what had happened, ”I came home from drinks with my friends around 10PM, went into my kitchen for a snack, and realized that almost ALL of my food was gone.”

The woman described the shear amount of food that had gone missing, saying, “I'm not even exaggerating. I swear 90% of my pantry was just gone.”

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In an edit to her post made later on, the OP wrote, “I did the math, and she threw away close to a thousand dollars worth of food. I listed some items in a comment below, but it included: dried pasta, ground beef, pre-cut veggies in a container, juice, canned soups, rice, chicken broth, leftovers, and even bread (because it was white). This isn't even close to the start of my list.”

When she confronted her sister about the missing food, her sister apparently doubled down, saying, “I asked my sister and she told me that she was shocked I ate anything with preservatives and ‘unnatural’ and that I was ‘poisoning my body’ so she took it upon herself to throw away EVERYTHING she deemed unhealthy.”

The OP’s sister also allegedly said, “that the way I ate was ‘disgusting’ (her literal words).”

So, the woman made her sister pack and kicked her out. The sister then took a 30-minute cab to their parents’ house.

Now the mother wants her to apologize to “Keep the Peace” but the OP is standing her ground and wondering if she’s in the right.

The general consensus in the comment section is that the OP is correct and that her sister was being out of line.

One commenter wrote simply, “NTA Your sister was a self righteous asshole and was lucky she only got kicked out, I would’ve been tempted to call the cops on that sh-t.”

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