Woman Kicks Out Fiancé After Finding Questionable Photos Of The Nanny On His Phone

Her fiancé wasn't very forthcoming after being accused.

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Posts on Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A-–hole) forum can range from mundane to totally unbelievable. One recent post on the subreddit had people comparing it to a soap opera plot, and while we have no way to tell whether or not the scenario described really happened, it certainly makes for an interesting story.

A woman took to Reddit for advice after she found nude photos from the nanny on her fiancé's phone.

According to Reddit user Icy_Cable3267, she and her fiancé were looking for a nanny for their baby. Liv, the 20-year-old nanny they hired, became very attached to the couple’s baby — and to the Reddit user’s fiancé, Alex.


“It was obvious she had a crush on him, always batting her lashes and giggling,” the woman wrote in her post. “I actually found it amusing as I’m confident in myself. He always laughed it off with me too.”

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Things took a turn when Alex asked his fiancée to do something on his phone, and she saw pictures from Liv pop up on his screen. “When I looked at them they were obviously sexy nudes, she was wearing skimpy lingerie and in provocative poses. I looked back at the history and she had been sending these for a while. As far as I can see Alex has never responded but obviously texts can be deleted,” the woman said.


woman kicks out fiance after finding nude photos of the nannyPhoto: Reddit

When confronted, Alex got defensive and refused to give his fiancée any solid answers. She ended up throwing him out of the house. His family and friends then apparently sent her a deluge of texts accusing her of being too harsh, and saying that the texts she saw were harmless.

It begs the question: Did they know about the texts already, or had they only heard Alex’s side of the story and were blindly siding with him? The woman decided to ask Reddit if she had been too harsh in response to the texts, to which people collectively responded with a decisive “no.”


Responses to the woman's post validated her decision to kick out her fiancé.

“You are not wrong. Even if the very first nude text was unsolicited, he should have alerted you immediately and discussed with you what to do about it,” one person assured the original poster.

“His parents/family trying to minimize the bad behavior are just as complicit,” another added. “If he never owns up to the problem with his behavior, then that is irrefutable evidence as to what type of person he really is.”

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woman kicks out fiance after finding nude photos of the nannyPhoto: Reddit


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Tons of people pointed out the obvious: that immediately upon receiving any provocative photos from Liv, Alex should have put a stop to it and told his fiancée what was going on.

“Any self-respecting, loving fiancé and father would have told you IMMEDIATELY if your employee initiated sexual advances. The caretaker of your infant? So much worse and way more personal,” one comment expressed. “His actions here would absolutely be a deal-breaker for me.”

The woman who made the post took her daughter to France to stay with her family indefinitely. She also wrote two updates, in which she revealed (unsurprisingly, to many Redditors) that things had gone further between Alex and Liv than he had initially let on.


“He admitted that whilst nothing had physically happened between them they had been exchanging photos and messages for a month or two,” the woman said. “He showed me the original messages and it was her who had pursued him... He started out not really responding but after a few texts he responded and it started from there. She was saying things about them being a happy family together but he never responded to those texts.”

After she broke up with her now ex-fiancé, the original poster was told by an angry Liv that she and Alex had indeed had a one-night stand a few weeks before the texts were revealed.

Despite the circumstances, it seems like the woman who made the post is doing fine now. She’s staying with her family in France, working out custody of her daughter, and even had a fling with an old friend from university.


Needless to say, she definitely wasn’t in the wrong for dumping Alex, and scores of people on Reddit are wishing her the best in her future endeavors.

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