Woman's Husband Gets His Mistress Pregnant – His Sick Mother Disowns Him & Refuses To Leave Him Or His ‘Affair Baby’ Any Inheritance

The pain of infidelity can impact the whole family.

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When a husband betrays a wife and the affair ends in pregnancy, recovery can be next to impossible. A child of adultery may not get the same love or financial security as a child who came about as a result of the marriage.

When 26-year-old Amelia's husband had a baby with his mistress, the fallout was life-changing. Understandably, she took to the r/offmychest subreddit to share her story of betrayal and heartache. Her experience was later posted on the @requestedreads TikTok account and included all the details subsequent to his infidelity. 


Amelia was two months pregnant when her husband had an affair.

Amelia ended up miscarrying and her husband decided to leave their home to be with his mistress and their child. It’s been two years since he left his wife for a new family, and now, his mother has decided to support her former daughter-in-law instead of her own son. 



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“This infuriates my ex-husband's affair partner," Amelia wrote. "My in-laws cut contact with them straight away. Bethany was jealous that her child would never know the love of grandparents.”

Flabbergasted, Amelia argues that Bethany should be happy her child will grow up with a father, unlike her first born.

Her mother-in-law cut Amelia’s ex-husband out of her will, leaving everything to her first grandson.

In a bold move, the ailing grandmother has decided that Amelia’s first son will inherit everything — her home, her money, and a villa that she owns. She has also set aside a substantial sum of money and personal belongings for her daughter-in-law, which she has opted to put into a trust until her grandson reaches the age of 18.

But the elderly woman’s son is unaware of the updates to her will and since learning of her impending demise, has tried to reach out in the hopes of reconciling with his mom. His mistress Bethany has even extended an olive branch to her partner's mother in an effort to secure some assets for her own son once the woman passes away. 


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Amelia’s MIL is allowing her son and his new partner to grovel.

The bitter ex-wife makes it clear that she has not influenced her mother-in-law’s decision and that this is solely her own choice. She says that the man’s mother is aware that they are only coming around in an attempt to get their hands on her money.

“They want her money, and her son thinks he is still included in the will. He also thinks his child will now be acknowledged by his grandmother and will also receive money,” Amelia added.

The dying woman hates what her son did to his family and doesn’t believe he deserves any of her wealth, but Bethany is blissfully unaware and making future plans for what she hopes will be a windfall.


“Too bad it will all belong to my son,” Amelia gloated.

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Amelia admits that the victory will be bittersweet because she will have to lose her mother-in-law, who she deeply loves, to see revenge finally taken on her former spouse and the woman who came between them. 


In explaining why a mother would be so unforgiving toward her own son, Amelia says, “She wants this for her grandson, and has said that she cannot rest until she knows her son and his mistress have been punished. She wants this because her childhood was also ruined because of her father and his affair partner. She wants my son to know he was loved and will always be loved.”

She admits that she is happy her MIL cut off contact and won’t reward her ex-husband and his mistress for hurting her.

In response to backlash for her seemingly happy disposition around the matter, Amelia admitted that she does take joy in the couple’s estrangement. She blames them for the miscarriage she suffered and claims the mistress openly mocked the loss of her child while celebrating the birth of the boy she’d created with her married lover. She also holds them responsible for her son’s estranged relationship with his father.

affair baby receives nothing reddit postPhoto: Reddit


Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow and if a child comes as a result, it is a lifelong reminder of the disrespect and disloyalty a woman has endured.

Sometimes the pain and baggage are too great and it’s best to just move on. But a marriage can survive an illegitimate child if there is patience, rebuilding of trust, communication, growth, maturity, and a willingness to forgive. For many, that is too big a hill to climb.

It’s also natural for parents to be hurt when their son betrays his family and disrupts the status quo. This man’s mother is stuck between a rock and a hard place, wanting to be loyal to her daughter-in-law and forced to distance herself from her own child as a result.


If Amelia were to forgive and move on with her life, the ailing grandma would have the space to reconcile with her son and get to know her grandchild before it’s too late. Affairs can be extremely hurtful and traumatic, but forgiveness is the only way to truly heal and move on

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