Husband's Former Affair Partner Passes Away & He Wants To Post A Tribute To Her On Social Media – 'He's Never Even Posted His Wife & Kid'

A woman explains the insult to injury that occurred two years after she forgave him for his affair.

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Affairs can be extremely detrimental to marriages. Even if you and your partner happen to work through infidelity, the betrayal can still lie just beneath the surface and the associated emotions might erupt at any time.

One woman who thought she and her husband had put his transgressions behind them but two years later, he came to her with a shocking request.

In a confession sent into Candice Brathwaite’s TikTok account and discussed with her co-host, Coco Sarel, the unidentified woman started by saying that two years prior, her husband had engaged in an “emotional affair” with another woman while she, herself was pregnant.


As devastating as that must have been, the forgiving wife claimed they had “hashed, forgot, and worked it out.” But two years after the affair had ended, her husband came to her and let her know that his affair partner had suddenly passed away. That news alone, though sad, likely didn’t garner much sympathy from his wife, however, her husband's subsequent request angered her.

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The woman's husband asked if he could post a tribute to his former flame on social media.

The request to publicly share his devastation over the loss of his mistress no doubt caught his wife off guard. In her correspondence, she wrote, “I am sorry for her friends and family, but there is a part of me that also isn’t sorry.”


She went on to say that in their years as a couple, her husband had never posted images of her or their child on social media, a revelation that left the hosts in the video flabbergasted.



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The two women couldn’t contain their shock and laughter over the situation as they continued sharing the story. They did clarify that they were not poking fun at the fact that the woman had died, but that from the betrayed wife’s point of view, her husband’s former lover passing was not her problem.


Whether or not she allowed her bold husband to share his tribute to the deceased woman wasn’t clear but if she did, the subject is sure to have been rehashed and a thorn in the side of both partners for as long as they stayed together.

Her husband’s request only added insult to injury.

One might hypothesize that a man who was willing to post his love for a woman he had cheated with for the world to see had no respect for his wife and child and no issue with publicly humiliating her.

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Two years had passed but, judging by his outlandish request, it stands to reason that he had still been harboring feelings for his affair partner. It’s not difficult to assume that the revelation was hurtful to his wife, who had already taken steps to forgive and forget his inconsiderate actions. The fact that he even had the audacity to make such a request is enough to understand where his priorities and his love lie.


The fact that two years had passed led commenters to believe that perhaps the affair had continued right under the wife’s nose.

Still, human emotions are complicated. Once a third party has been allowed to infiltrate a marriage, it will never be the same. It’s totally natural for two people who are romantically and sexually involved to carry a torch for one another, especially if the relationship ended on good terms. The mistress was willing to deal with a married man, so it’s easy to assume that she agreed to continue the relationship in secret even after his wife found out.

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