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Woman Considers Calling Off Engagement After Cousin Gifts Her Fiancé A Subscription To Her Adult Video Content

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A woman is considering ending her engagement after her cousin "ruined Christmas" by gifting her fiancé a subscription to her OnlyFans.

In a post to the "r/TrueOffMyChest" subReddit, she explained how the situation went down—and how it left her entire family feeling deeply awkward.

In her post, she described how she comes from a very large family with lots of cousins in their 20s and 30s, who all exchange gifts.

One of her cousins, Anna, found an easy gift solution for all the men who were married to or dating a family member—OnlyFans subscriptions.

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The bride-to-be witnessed her fiancé receive one of the cousin's gifts in a pink envelope and quickly hide it in his pocket.

Later, her cousin Rachel pulled her aside in disbelief at the OnlyFans gifts that turned out to be inside the envelopes after her own boyfriend said it made him uncomfortable.

But when the bride-to-be asked her fiancé about the gift, he lied about it, saying the cousin hadn't given him anything.

When she told him she saw him both receive the gift and put it in his pocket, she says he "suddenly 'remembers'" he got the gift but said he hadn't opened it.

That, too, turned out to be a lie—when she took the envelope out of his pocket, it had already been torn open.

After catching her fiancé in his lie, the bride-to-be then went to confront Anna about her inappropriate gift, and that's when everything got even more awkward.

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Other family members confront her cousin about the gift cards.

She found Anna embroiled in arguments with several other family members who called her out for gifting sexual content to their boyfriends and husbands.

But Anna insisted it wasn't a come-on.

The bride-to-be writes that Anna claimed, "she’s just trying to get her business off the ground and... her gift is not sexual, it’s just marketing."

After a heated argument, the bride-to-be left the family Christmas party with her brother and his husband because several of her family members insisted she apologizes to Anna.

She ended her story by saying, "I’m seriously considering calling off the engagement over this, and I’m pissed at my cousin for ruining both Christmas and my relationship."

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Most commenters agreed that Anna's adult gift was way out of line.

Several commenters were dying to know what the bride-to-be had said to Anna, because they felt they would have been even angrier than she was.

One user wrote, "Not gonna lie... I wanna know what you said that your mom wants you to apologize to your aunt for cause I would have been ruthless."

And many, if not most, users were just as shocked by Anna's gift as the bride-to-be was. 

As one Redditor put it, "It's... the fact that she specifically targeted it to men already in relationships with her family members. That is maximum level trashy."

"You don't go to the family Christmas dinner and give discount access to your a-s to your cousins' boyfriends and husbands."

And after the bride-to-be expressed that she was worried what she said to Anna was indeed out of line, several commenters backed her up.

One wrote that "I doubt that anything you could have said is anywhere near as out of line as Anna's pink envelopes were."

That user went on to warn the bride-to-be about the red flags this incident had revealed about her fiancé.

"The lies and gaslighting when you saw him not only get an envelope, but he pocketed it after he opened it and before you could see it. Cheaters do the same kind of crap."

Sounds like maybe reconsidering her engagement might be the right instinct.

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