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Woman Forces Boyfriend To FaceTime During 12-Hour Work Shift Because She 'Doesn't Trust Females'

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The joint TikTok account flackoandnela, which follows the relationship of Jose and Nela, posted a TikTok that has stirred up controversy and debate.

In the video, Nela can be seen FaceTiming her boyfriend throughout his 12-hour shift at Amazon.

The video shows the screen recording of the FaceTime call as the song "Insane" by Summer Walker plays in the background. One of the lyrics says, “I think I’m insane. God bless me.” 

Nela wrote, “My boyfriend needs to Facetime me his whole 12 hour shift. NOT BECAUSE I don’t trust him but because I don’t trust females.” Nela captioned the video, “might quit my job & go work with him!” 



However, many believe this behavior is incredibly toxic.

In the now viral video, which has 7.5 million views, many of the comments are calling Nela out for not trusting Jose and giving him space. 

A top comment by Gucci34 says, “That’s doing way too much,” while another commenter named Jaklynn said, “no because this is so extensive. if you cannot trust your man to handle women, you got a problem.” 

Many have pointed out that this is not normal in a relationship and that the girlfriend could be insecure

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For example, user onlyadores said, “girl no it’s bc you know he gone fold if a girl flirts with him bye.”

Nela then made a part two to the video where she wrote she does this “so I know he isn’t flirting with girls.” She then said in the caption that she has put in her resume for Amazon. 

Top commenter Destini Griego pointed out the difference between the two videos and said, “I thought you said you trusted him ? In his last video??” 

Some are hoping this video is just a joke. 

Of course, we don’t know the extent of their relationship, but it certainly raises a few eyebrows. 

Nela also recently posted another video which has people concerned for Jose. 

On the account shared with Jose, Nela posted a video where she can be seen checking to make sure he isn't walking with a female coworker. 



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She wrote, “making sure my boyfriend doesn’t walk with any amahoe” and pans to him walking outside the car. You can then hear her ask “you love me?” Jose nods and the video reads “Better say he loves me” 

One comment said, “bro, This is honestly so sad I can see the trauma in his eyes. he doesn't like this. Just leave her smh” 

Both Nela and Jose have made response videos to the outpouring of criticism.

Both Jose and Nela seem to have made response videos to the confusing TikTok, but on separate accounts. 

Nela posted on the joint account with Jose, and showed a video of them hugging each other with the screen reading, “people really think I’m toxic af,” but then clarifies that Jose is her “little baby.” 



On the other hand, Jose posted to his TikTok, cash_flacko, where the screen read, “everyone thinking my girl toxic af.”

But unlike Nela’s video, Jose can be seen widening his eyes at the camera as the text changes to, “well you guys are right”



The video caption says, “Free flacko.”

Seems like this couple might want to reconsider how healthy their relationship is. Because if you don't have trust, what do you have?

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