Woman Cleans House For Day The 'Husband She Never Met' Comes Home From Prison And People Are Concerned

The woman's TikTok profile is a series of videos showing her preparing her house for her husband's return home from prison.

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Dating can be frustrating and sometimes even dangerous, especially when it comes to online or blind dating. However, one woman has taking it to the extreme by not only dating but marrying someone she apparently has never met before.

One woman's TikTok reveals a series of videos showing her preparing her home for her "husband that she never met" to come home from prison.

The woman, who goes by @ulyssaranae on TikTok, posted a series of videos that showcase her cleaning, buying stuff and making preparations around the house for her husband to come home from prison.


While it's honorable for families to support their loved ones as their released from prison, many TikTok viewers found themselves concerned about @ulyssaranae's situation as she revealed she's never actually met the husband she's preparing the house for.

“Pov: Preparing for my husband who I never met to come home from prison,” captions on her videos claim.



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Many made jokes about the situation, but some people in the comments were genuinely concerned. 

A lot of people made jokes about the situation in the comments, many of these jokes about her cleaning and about her “forensic files” type of story. Others told her to “be careful” and that her situation may not be very safe. Some said that she was brave and had made a dangerous decision. 

One person wrote, “husband I never met is wild,” to which another person responded with, “From jail is extra wild in this case.” Many commented on the major differences between prison and jail, with prison holding those actually convicted of a crime while jails house those awaiting trial or sentencing.

Of course, this all led to questions about what her husband was in prison for as well as how they met.

Ulyssa explained in a caption from one of her TikToks that her husband was in jail for seven years because of an attempted murder charge, though she wrote that he did not commit the crime. 

"My husband has been in prison the last 7 years for an attempted murder he did not commit," she wrote.


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Her story is not verified. 

Many are worried for the TikToker as she had already gotten married to him. Marriage is clearly a huge commitment and it typically requires a lot of time and effort into knowing each other before forever committing. Some even wonder how it was possible to get married without ever meeting each other, especially since her "husband" is incarcerated. 

Many areas of her series seem shaky and this level of uncertainty brought the conversation of how true her series really is.


Overall, we wish her the best and hope she has a successful and loving marriage. 

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