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Man Confused After His Partner Asked Him To Stay Loyal Even Though She's Cheating On Her Boyfriend

Photo: @zerobounce / TikTok
Zero confused by woman asking him to stay loyal on TikTok

A man on TikTok who goes by the name of “Zero” frequently posts about the journey he’s taking in order to become a Division 1 basketball player for college. However, he took a break from his regularly scheduled programming to post a video about an odd encounter he had with the woman he’s currently seeing.

She seems to have an issue with how their current relationship is set up, asking Zero to settle down and stay loyal to her, but he’s confused about why he would have to do that when she isn’t doing the same for him.

She asked him to stay loyal to her... even though she’s cheating on her boyfriend.

The text in the video reads, “She’s cheating on her [boyfriend] but wants me to be loyal,” while his caption says, “I just wanna play basketball wtf is going on.” Zero’s laying in bed next to the woman, who is sitting up, when he tells her, “All right, so say what you just said again.”



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“All you do is play 2K, play basketball, and, like, Snapchat other [women]” she starts, interrupting herself as Zero starts to point the camera at her. “Stop [explative] pointing the camera at me like, it's not a joke.”

Confused by the situation, he asks her why it’s a problem if he’s talking to other women. Without context, he certainly does seem like the bad guy, but it’s important to note that she’s going behind her boyfriend’s back to be in this relationship with Zero in the first place.

“What do you mean? How is it a problem? How is it not a problem?” she asks. “How is it not a problem?” Naturally, he responds by saying, “You actually have a boyfriend. I’m the side [chick], I’m the ‘sneaky link,’” but she still sees no problem with it.

She says that although she does have a boyfriend, they aren’t talking about him right now, they’re talking about Zero. Shocked by her admission, he does something that no person should ever do, even if they are in the wrong: he told her she was crazy.

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She called him a ‘narcissist’ and said that he was ‘gaslighting’ her.

She said he was incredibly narcissistic for calling her crazy — it seems like she’s just not getting her way and is upset about it. It should be noted that Zero is also in the wrong here.

Respecting the boundaries of someone else’s relationship is the right thing to do, and involving yourself in someone else’s relationship is morally wrong, but so is name-calling when things don’t go your way.

“I'm full of myself? But you want me to only talk to you while you can talk to other guys,” Zero responds to the “narcissist” accusations. She claims that his talking to other women while they’re in this relationship makes her look stupid, but he once again brings up the fact that she actually has a boyfriend in the middle of all of this.

“Oh my god, stop bringing him up, you’re over here trying to gaslight me,” she says, before Zero cuts the video off here. People in the comments couldn’t believe that was happening, to the point where they tried calling him out on the video being fake.

Others pointed out that she could just be projecting her own insecurity and moral flaw onto him. Maybe she feels guilty about the fact that she’s cheating on her boyfriend, so she’s trying to tell Zero that he needs to stop seeing other people because she’s doing the same thing.

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