Why A Man Thanked The Judge That Denied His Divorce After His Wife Cheated On Him And Had A Baby By Someone Else

He thought for sure that the relationship was over, but he was very wrong.

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When it comes to marriage and relationships, working through disagreements and disappointments can be tough, especially when there are kids involved. But one man overcame what looked like certain demise of his matrimony to his wife to show up as a loving father and husband.

In a TikTok video uploaded by Trystan Fossett, he shared the story of the beginning of the relationship he has with his wife, including their ups and downs and their marital woes, as well as the surprising victory they shared once they were able to move past the problems.


The man revealed a twist in their relationship that landed the couple in court heading for divorce.

He started with the disclaimer that he typically would not share details of his personal life on TikTok but thought his story might help someone else who was “struggling with a hard decision.”

Fossett explained that he and his wife met as teenagers and he became a parent at the age of just 16, followed by marrying his wife at the age of 18. He openly admitted that the pair treated each other “like dirt,” with each of them taking turns cheating on one another and likely building up a ton of resentment that left both of them extremely unhappy.


Nevertheless, the couple stayed together and had two more children.




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But the relationship was once again headed for disaster soon after. The couple decided to go their separate ways for four or five months and Fossett’s wife ended up having a one-night stand with a man she met at a bar that resulted in a pregnancy.


According to him, the man in question had nine children by six different women and did not take care of any of them. He did clarify that before stepping out on him, his wife wanted to reconcile, but he wasn’t open to it.

His wife’s indiscretion led to a major fallout.

After deciding to divorce, Fossett says that the pair showed up to court, and he was surprised when the judge said, “Mr. Fossett, even though this is not your biological child, every child deserves a father, and for that reason, I cannot grant this divorce.”

His lawyer told him that he could re-file after his wife had her baby, but it would be six or seven months. According to Fossett, he left the courtroom filled with hate for the judge who had denied him his freedom from a toxic marriage.

As the months went on, he started to notice that his wife was behaving differently than she had in the past. He had never seen her cry, even during the prior three pregnancies, but now the tears flowed freely. And he had changed, too.


As he sat alone and thought about the situation, Fossett realized that he still wanted to be with his wife, despite the trying circumstances, and the two of them decided to give the relationship one last try.

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The man eventually thanked the judge for denying his divorce, as he would have missed out on something special.

“What I would have missed! Man, I would have missed out if I would’ve just gave up and threw in the towel,” said Fossett as he recalled the decision he’d been forced to make at the time.

He went on to say he had been asked about his feelings on having a mixed-race son. “Let me tell y’all something... that’s my baby,” he responded. The loving dad said that nowadays, anyone questioning the relationship with his son would face physical repercussions. He loves his son as if he were one of his biological children.


The doting father has even run into the judge who denied his divorce since then and thanked him through happy tears as he hugged him. He now realizes that though the problems he and his wife faced seemed insurmountable at the time, taking a moment to step back and see the situation from a different perspective was just what he needed to have a beautiful future with his family.

Now married for 11 years, he advises others to honor the commitment they made to their spouse whenever possible. He promised that in the end, it will all be worth it and tells viewers that “good people” make mistakes, and many deserve a second chance because “behaviors can change, but your soul doesn’t.”

He closed by saying, “The grass ain’t always greener and never give up on the people that you love because you never know what’s waiting for you on the other side.”


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