Woman Accused Of 'Betraying' Her Son After She Found Out He Cheated & Made Him Tell His Girlfriend's Parents

No one likes a cheater, even if that cheater is your own son.

Saryn talking about how she would make her son tell his girlfriend and her family if he cheated on TikTok @sarynpearl / TikTok

A woman on TikTok recently made a video depicting herself in the future and how she planned on raising her kids: driving home as her “future son” screams in the background because of what she had just done.

She received a lot of flack for the thing she claimed that she would do, with people telling her it would be betraying her own child — but many people were on her side as well.

The morality of the subject is up for debate, but Saryn did not back down and stood by her original video.


She claimed that she would make her son tell his girlfriend and her parents if he cheated.

Saryn's TikTok video, captioned, “Momma ain't raisin no…. [you know] what,” shows the 19-year-old woman sitting in the driver seat of her car, driving down the road completely unbothered, and picking up her Starbucks coffee in order to take a sip. In the background is her imaginary son screaming and crying in the backseat, thanks to a sound from another video on TikTok.

“Me driving away from my son’s girlfriend’s house after I found out he cheated on her and made him come with me to go tell her, her momma, and her daddy because we don’t do that in my house,” she wrote in the text inlaid within the video.




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She seems proud of herself, happy to do something like that because she believes she’s in the moral right. Cheating is wrong, and in order to teach her future son that lesson — which hopefully he never needs to learn — she would ensure that his girlfriend and her family found out about his betrayal.

However, many in the comments believed this to be a betrayal of her own. “No, I don't get involved in his relationships. Period,” one woman wrote. Someone else commented “I’m future apologizing. I would never betray my son.”


To that last comment, however, Saryn responded with a follow-up video detailing the thought process behind her decision, confirming that she wasn’t actually a mom, and standing by her original video.

Sayrn said that she would not be raising cheaters in her house once she has children.

“So number one, I do not have a kid. I'm not a mom, I'm 19 years old,” Saryn explains in her follow-up video. “Um, I just made that video, [for] future reference. But I do not have a son and I have not done this to my son because I don't even have one.”

Turning the video from something that had actually happened into a mere hypothetical may lessen the impact for those who might’ve thought this situation actually occurred and the child screaming in the background was actually her son — which some people truly believed.



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“Two, I've been seeing a lot of comments like ‘you've never cheated before, you obviously have some skeletons in your closet.’ ‘Everybody cheats.’ This, that. Um, for people acting like cheating on someone is just normal, that's weird to me,” she continues.

She goes on to say that cheating is not normal and should not be normalized. Cheating is morally wrong in every which way. It’s a betrayal of trust to the one person whose trust you should hold most dear. It’s a lack of loyalty to the one person you should remain the most loyal to. It should not be normalized, and spreading this kind of morality to your children should go without saying. Do you really want to raise disloyal kids?

For the people who said that they wouldn’t be butting into their son’s business, she said “I'm not gonna be raising my future son to be a cheater.” She added, “I'm not having my blood do that to somebody. So if y'all wanna know, I do stand by that TikTok.”


The biggest betrayal of all would be the one that her son committed of his own accord, and parents should want what’s best for their kids. Allowing that behavior to sit idly by would be enabling it, and no one likes a cheater.

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