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A Wife Says She Has Uncovered A New ‘Ick’ And Posts A Video Of Her 6’3 Husband Cuddling His Mom — ‘It’s Not The Most Attractive Thing’

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Markie Murphy TikTok about new ick

A woman on TikTok named Markie Murphy recently shared a video in which she playfully joked about how seeing her husband laying in his mom’s lap was an “ick” for her. We’ve all heard the word before, and there's no doubt that many have formed their own opinion on it.

An “ick,” simply put, is a turn-off. It’s a noun used to describe something that someone else does that turns you off. Not to be confused with a “red flag,” which is something used to refer to a toxic trait, “icks” have a little more wiggle room to be something completely subjective — and that’s where the issue always arises.

She revealed that her 'ick' is seeing her husband cuddle with his mom.

“New ick unlocked: My grown 6’3 husband cuddling his mommy,” Murphy wrote in text shown in the short, 10-second clip. Her caption simply read “ick,” and the sound attached to the video is the lyric from Rihanna’s “Take A Bow” where she sings, “You look so dumb right now.”

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Hilariously, her giant, 6'3" husband looks quite goofy as he’s curled up beside his mom on the couch. This is a grown man — a father, at that — and Murphy finds it unattractive that he seems to be so vulnerable and close to his mom. 



Still, many people in the comments thought it was cute. “Why is this ick? I think it’s so sweet,” one person commented with a teary-eyed emoji. Someone else wrote, “Aw I’d love [it] if my husband was this close to his mom… instead she’s texting me for all her questions.”

While these two people, and many others, were able to keep calm and just relay how sweet they felt like the scene was, others were rude about it and slammed the wife for feeling this way. Although the way they’re going about it isn’t entirely helpful, they’re defending a man who is close enough with his mother to still show her the same kind of physical affection that he would have been afforded as a child. He’s vulnerable with her and isn’t afraid of being a sensitive soul around her.

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Men are always told to be masculine and never show emotion. As a result, they struggle to show affection and sometimes lack emotional maturity and intelligence because of how society tells them to suppress all their feelings.

His wife, however, is entitled to feel the way she feels as well. At the end of the day, “icks” are subjective turn-offs, and while some people might find Murphy’s to be a little shallow or insensitive, she’s stood her ground when people disagreed with her in the comments. “Maybe I’ll do this with my kids when I’m older, who knows!” she wrote. “But as a wife, it’s not attractive to see!” To further prove how unserious the video she posted was, she recorded a follow-up video with her husband talking about the backlash she received.



Her husband was not offended by her video and actually found it funny.

“First of all, did you know I was posting the video before I posted it?” she asked her husband as they’re out for a drive. “Yes, of course,” he responded. Murphy then asked her husband if he was offended by the message her video was sending, and he replied, “No. No, I thought it was silly. I thought it was pretty silly.”

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She then went to ask him if his mom saw the video before she posted it — a question she already knew the answer to, but asked for the viewers to know the full scope of what’s going on. “Yes,” he replied, adding that she “laughed out loud” after his wife asked if she was offended.

With that out of the way, Murphy addressed their relationship and explained how they have a very good, healthy relationship, adding that they’re two “very sarcastic” people. She explained to the people who tried to tell her she didn’t understand because she wasn’t a mom that she, in fact, is a mom, and still finds it odd.

She explained what the term “ick” means and how she’s entitled to her own opinion, with her husband chiming in to explain that one of his "icks" for her is when she farts in front of him. They’ve been together for seven years, and there are no plans for a divorce.

This is a good example of why everyone shouldn’t take everything on the internet so seriously, because none of us truly have any business meddling in other people’s relationships. We only see what they decide to post online.

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