Wife Claims She Has 'Already Left' Her Cheating Husband Emotionally But Will Keep Him Around To Help With The Kids

Is it better for the kids for him to be in the home, or better for them to see their mom stand up for herself?

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After a woman shared that her husband had been cheating on her, she quickly raised eyebrows when she stated that she would not leave him for the sake of their kids.

A wife explained how she discovered that her husband cheated on her — and why she chose to stay.

In a TikTok video uploaded by "@anythingreddits," one user responds to the question, “What’s something that your husband did to you that you won’t ever forgive?” by exposing her husband who cheated on her at work while she was waiting in the other room.


“A few years ago, in order to provide for my family, I took a course in massage therapy,” the woman explained. After some time, she was eventually able to open up her own business at home. “I managed to grow the business from a home-based massage room to a spa in a short amount of time,” she wrote. “It was good money, and very rewarding.”



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One day, her husband, who was unemployed at the time, eventually asked her if he could learn his way into the business in order to help the family financially. “I was not so sure this was for him, but I agreed."

On one occasion, the user explains that her husband received a call from a potential client to set up an appointment with him. Although she’d made plans to relax on her day off, she eventually gave in when her husband insisted that she accompany him throughout the drive to his appointment. Simply put, “He went out for treatment and we came back home.” At least, that’s what she was made to believe.

“About two weeks later, his phone beeped whilst he was in the shower and a strange number came up. It was an international number,” she wrote. “It was a WhatsApp message simply saying ‘Hi, will you be free today?’”

Thinking nothing of it, the user figured the number had been from a potential client. She wrote, “I scrolled up [on the messages] to see if the client had given a name during a previous conversation. Imagine my horror when I found a message dated two weeks prior asking, ‘When you came yesterday, did you come in me or was it out?’ His response, ‘Of course.’”


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The distraught wife had no choice but to confront her husband for cheating on her.

In response, her husband blamed her for “working too many hours” and not being more available in the bedroom.

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The woman explained she remained married to her husband so he could help with the kids.

“Unfortunately, my situation is such that I could not cope without him to help with my kids right now,” she says. “He is a wack husband but a good father.”

For now, the woman says that she’s been working towards earning a degree, and once that’s out of the way, that’s when the divorce papers come in. “I have left him, he just doesn’t know it yet.”

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Many commenters were surprised by the woman’s decision to stay.

One user wrote, “There's no such thing as a bad husband but [a] good father. if he's not treating their mother properly, he's not a good example as a father.” Another user echoed this sentiment, stating, “Kids deserve to see their parents being treated well.


While many feel that her husband’s behavior is certainly a cause for divorce, others have empathized with the wife's choice to stay with him — for now. “[People] saying ‘leave him’ don’t understand how hard it is being a single parent and self-employed,” one user wrote. “She should use him until she’s able to stand on her own.” 

Folks ultimately felt that although her husband’s decision to cheat was not her fault, the wife’s choice to stay with him not only condones that kind of behavior in their relationship but in the workplace as well, which could jeopardize the business she worked so hard to build. 

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