Fans Identify Woman Spotted With Tristan Thompson In Greece

Who is this mysterious stranger?

Tristan Thompson, Woman in Greece, Khloe Kardashian Instagram / Twitter

The mystery woman spotted with Tristan Thompson in Mykonos, Greece has been identified, according to fans of his ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian.

While the world is barely recovering from the news that Thompson and Kardashian are having a second child via surrogate, Thompson has been partying in Europe.

The former NBA star, who separated from Kardashian earlier this year after news broke that he fathered a child while cheating on her, already appears to be moving on.


Now, fans of the Kardashians now think they've solved the case of who this mystery woman is.

Tristan Thompson was seen holding hands with an Instagram model in Greece.

Thompson was first spotted with the woman in Greece on Sunday morning, strolling the streets of Mykonos at 5 AM after a night of partying.

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Eagle-eyed followers now believe the woman spotted with Thompson is a model who uses the Instagram handle @inlyz_.


The woman, whose name is not immediately obvious from her Instagram, has been posting up a storm while in Mykonos.

Not much is known about her, except the bio on her Instagram is in Russian and, when translated, reads "Peace and Love." But that hasn't stopped people from commenting on her post about being "Tristan 'IDGAF' Thompson's new thang!"


She doesn't follow Thomspon on Instagram but, interestingly, does follow Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

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TMZ reports that she and Thompson likely met at a club called Bonbonniere, but it's also possible they could've met before all this.  

This hasn't stopped Kardashian fans on the Kardashian subreddit, with many berating Thompson and his new girl for going public so soon after the announcement of his new arrival.

Fans briefly believed Tristan Thomspon and Chaney Jones were hanging out in Greece.

Another Kardashian fan account mistakenly reported that the woman holding hands with Thompson was Kanye West's ex, Chaney Jones, who has also been in Greece over the weekend.


However, the pair have not been seen together. Jones has been spending time with some friends including Justin Combs, the son of rapper Diddy, with whom she has been romantically linked.

As for Thompson, it is widely suspected that his new baby will be delivered any day now, if the child has not been born already. 

The baby was conceived, via surrogate, about a month before news broke in December of 2021 that Thompson cheated on Kardashian with Maralee Nichols — who filed a paternity suit against the NBA player, demanding he pay child support and reimbursments for medical expenses and pregnancy-related costs. 


Thompson first denied the rumors he fathered a child, but a DNA test proved differently. Publicly announcing on an Instagram story post that he was the father of Nichol's child.

Fans also believe that Kardashian and Thompson were secretly engaged before news broke of his paternity scandal, but they were never going to publicly announce it.

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