Multiple Women On TikTok Just Realized They're Dating The Same Man – And Are Warning Others About ‘West Elm Caleb’

He's quite the player.

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If you’ve ever been a single woman in New York you’ll know that dating can be quite the nightmare. 

From love bombing to ghosting, women dating in the city have seen it all. 

While most ladies find solace in bonding over their dating horror stories at brunch or in group chats, some women take to the internet to share their experiences. 

That’s what one TikToker was doing when she unearthed a scandal involving many New York single ladies and one man – West Elm Caleb.


Who is West Elm Caleb on TikTok?

Caleb, a furniture designer at West Elm, is going viral for all the wrong reasons as women across New York share their experiences with the alleged serial dater.

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The hashtag #WestElmCaleb – which has over 2.9 million views on the app – is quickly becoming Gen Z’s version of “John Tucker Must Die.”

The stories are strikingly similar. Women have shared replica texts and identical Spotify playlists all allegedly sent by Caleb. 


The endings are the same too – Caleb typically ghosts his subjects after a short period of time. 

So, how did this begin? Like any internet trend, it’s hard to locate the exact source. It seems women have been waiting to share their Caleb stories for some time. 

But it appears one TikToker uncovered the drama accidentally.

A TikToker was sharing her experience of dating a man named ‘Caleb’ when the ‘West Elm Caleb’ drama began.

Mimi Shou was sharing her experience with dating a man named Caleb, who she later clarifies is not THE “West Elm Caleb,” when she was contacted by many women asking if it was the serial dater.



She explains that another woman reached out to her to tell her that she was allegedly speaking to the furniture designer after matching with him on Hinge. She claimed Caleb had been love bombing her despite the fact they had never even met. 


“If this video shows up on your For You Page and you happen to be dating a West Elm Caleb, consider yourself warned,” Shou says.  

Next, TikToker Kate Glavan shared that she had been dating ‘West Elm Caleb.’

Glavan, having seen Shou’s video, began to realize that the man she had recently gone out with was quite a well-known playboy in the city. 

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She shared a message allegedly sent by Caleb in which he admits that someone had mentioned him in a TikTok. 


But things soon got worse. Glavan then shared a message from another TikToker who says that she had spent the night with Caleb and woke up in his bed the very same day that Glavan went on her date with the man.

The woman says she had been dating him for 6 weeks and he had even sent her the same playlist he allegedly sent to several other women.

“He told me he wasn’t on Hinge and deleted the app but was actively going on dates with other people,” the message reads in part. Glavan claims Caleb told her the same thing.

The message was sent by another TikToker who shared her story of ‘West Elm Caleb.’

Kelly, who says she dated Caleb for 6 weeks over the holidays, opened up about her experience – and she had screenshots to back up her claims.


She shares messages allegedly sent by Caleb in which he is gushing about his feelings for her, he tells her he deleted Hinge and he even sends the infamous playlist – though Kelly soon noticed that he had several identical playlists with different names on his Spotify.



Kelly explains that right as she started to notice some of these suspicious details, Caleb ghosted her

Since the women shared their videos, countless other people have been weighing online to share their opinions, experiences and reactions to “West Elm Caleb,” comparing him to Pete Davidson, expressing confusion as to how all of New York is dating the same man and creating countless hilarious trends around the hashtag.


Like with many similar TikTok trends, we may never know the whole story – just ask the infamous Couch Guy – and Caleb has yet to share his side.

But New York ladies are certainly on the lookout for this alleged manipulative lothario.


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