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Fans Think Trisha Paytas Ordered Wedding Staff To Stop Husband-To-Be Moses From Leaving Them At The Altar

Photo: YouTube
Trisha Paytas, Moses Hacmon wedding day

Trisha Paytas, a well-known (and somewhat controversial) TikTok and YouTube influencer, has tied the knot with their new husband, Moses Hacmon, over the weekend, about one year after the couple was first engaged.

The well-documented wedding has drawn criticism from some people online who have struggled to support the couple's relationship since Paytas's falling out with friend and fellow YouTuber Ethan Klein — who also happens to be Hacmon's brother-in-law.

Paytas and Hacmon have been estranged from Klein and Hacmon's sister Hila since earlier this year.

And while this has been a troubling issue for fans, it has also pushed people to question whether Hacmon and Paytas's relationship is the happy and healthy union they make it out to be. 

One issue that has been spread across the internet after the wedding is a rumor that Paytas told staff working at the wedding not to allow Hacmon to leave — in case he would ditch them at the altar!

Fans have accused Trisha Paytas of not letting Moses Hacmon leave the venue before the wedding.

In a video recorded immediately after the ceremony, and later uploaded to their YouTube channel, Paytas and Hacmon sit and chat about their day in front of the camera.

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Eventually, the conversation veers to a situation that occurred before the ceremony. Supposedly, when Hacmon went to change into his tuxedo, he realized that the shirt did not fit, so he planned to get in his car, run out and get another shirt.

However, as he tells Paytas later, the valet refused to let him leave.

Immediately, Paytas says, “Because he thought you were leaving — that you were leaving me.”

However, Hacmon claims that the valet said that “[Trisha] said specifically not to give you the car.”

Paytas seems shocked from the claim in the video, but many critical of them and their online presence were quick to believe that they had tried to keep him there.

Who is Trisha Paytas's husband, Moses Hacmon?

While Trisha Paytas is well known for their career on social media and reality television, Hacmon is a relative mystery to many who only know him through Paytas’s online content.

Not to mention, many people wonder just how rich he truly is, agreeing to multiple expensive weddings, helping purchase multiple expensive houses with Paytas, and reportedly getting Paytas a one-of-a-kind nine-carat diamond ring for their engagement.

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He does not seem, by all accounts, to have an obvious source for such an exorbitant amount of wealth that would account for all of the spending.

Moses is an artist. 

Moses Hacmon is an Israeli artist who focuses a lot of his work on the study of water. He helped develop certain techniques to photograph water as it is impossible to see through the naked eye, and in 2013 he released his work “Faces of Water,” exploring that technique.

Recently, he has expanded his works to his own social media, where he has started an ASMR YouTube Channel on top of posting on his own TikTok page.

The Sun estimates his personal net worth to be around $600,000.

Moses is Hila Klein's brother.

Moses's estranged relationship with Hila Klein has been a controversial aspect of his relationship with Paytas.

The couple started dating right as Paytas began appearing alongside Hila's husband, Ethan Klein, on their shared podcast "Frenemies."

However, when the friendship between Ethan and Paytas fell apart — along with the podcast — Hacmon and Hila reportedly fell out too.

Ethan and Hila Klein did not attend Paytas and Hacmon's wedding. 

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