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Why YouTuber & OnlyFans Model Trisha Paytas Called Out Joe Rogan For Being 'Misogynistic'

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Trisha Paytas and Joe Rogan

Trisha Paytas clapped back at Joe Rogan after he made a series of comments about the YouTuber and OnlyFans model in a recent episode of his podcast.

What did Joe Rogan say about YouTuber and OnlyFans model Trisha Payton on his podcast?

While speaking with comedian Ali Macofsky on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan was discussing OnlyFans content creators when his guest drew his attention to Paytas.

Macofsky mentioned Paytas as an OnlyFans creator she subscribes to, first referring to Paytas as an "internet sleuth," a term she then corrected to "internet sloth" after having the meaning of "sleuth" explained to her.

Rogan asked to see a photo of Paytas, who recently confirmed they were non-binary and prefer they/them pronouns, saying, “Click on the one of her in a bikini, let's see how she would look naked..."

Rogan then added, "Yeah, you can keep that."

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Why is Trisha Paytas calling Joe Rogan misogynistic?

Comments like those he made about Paytas have emerged as a pattern throughout Rogan's career.

Often praised by young white men for his take on problematic topics, Rogan has developed a cult following of people who overlook (or sometimes embrace) his more controversial moments.

Paytas has cast a new light on Rogan’s misogynistic tendencies by drawing attention to his objectification of their body.

Refusing to take his offensive comments lying down, Paytas shared a video to YouTube titled, “dear Joe Rogan…”

“Because of 50-year-old men like you who have to tell me how disgusting and repulsive I am, I have what you may call low insecurity,” they said.

Paytas pointed out that no one forced Rogan, or anyone else, to look at their OnlyFans.

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Paytas goes on to point out the unnecessary way Rogan simultaneously demanded to see Paytas’s body and then insulted and objectified their appearance, even though their content was never intended for him in the first place.

Paytas, who claims to have made $1 million on OnlyFans in the last year, also went on to say that Rogan has “no intellect whatsoever” and clarified for him that “not every woman is here to be pleasure for your eyeballs.”

Rogan has a long history of making comments people see as misogynistic, transphobic, and racist.

Paytas is not the first person to take a stab at Rogan for what they see as offensive opinions.

Last year, footage resurfaced of Rogan laughing and clapping his hands while listening to a friend grotesquely brag about coercing women into performing sex acts on him.

In 2013, Rogan referred to transgender mixed martial arts star Fallon Fox as “a f***ng man,” as well as using another transphobic slur.

That same year, he compared a Black neighborhood to "Planet of the Apes," and he has used the n-word without hesitation on a number of occasions.

Rogan has also invited guests like the far-right Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes on his show to give them a platform, but rarely interviews women. And when he does he frequently talks over them and insults their interests, as he did with Miley Cyrus.

And as a result, many people on social media are supporting Paytas for what they see as this long-overdue call-out.

Rogan’s controversial opinions are far from being innocent, privately-held views that veer on the side of political incorrectness.

With a platform as large as his, his objectification of someone like Paytas is not just one man’s opinion of another person. It facilitates and enables his large, predominately male, audience to do the same to all the women in their lives.

Rogan is an almost god-like figure for many men who have the power to change the face of racist, sexist, and anti-LGBTQ society but choose not to because the media they pay attention to does not encourage them to do so.

He has been called out many times in the past and consistently chooses to continue diminishing the experiences of women, Black people, and just about anyone who takes a stand against him.

This is not an issue of cancel culture, a concept Rogan rages against, but a debate about willful ignorance.

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