Clara Berry, 'Riverdale Star' K.J. Apa's Girlfriend, Is Pregnant! Details About Their Exciting News

The 'Riverdale' star and his girlfriend are expecting their first child!

KJ Apa and Clara Berry DFree / Shutterstock / Getty

K.J. Apa is going to be K.J. Papa!

The "Riverdale" star, 23, announced on Instagram that he and his model girlfriend Clara Berry, 27, are expecting their first child.

Who is Clara Berry, K.J. Apa's pregnant girlfriend (and therefore baby-mama-to-be)?

Clara Berry Is best known for her career as a French model.

Berry, a model, originally hails from France.

According to her Instagram bio, she's represented by different agencies across France, the UK, and America, which means she's down for working internationally — which could present a challenge for her and Apa, since he's usually in Vancouver, filming Riverdale.


And Berry is also a singer.

Her Instagram account is linked to the video for a song she performed in 2017 with a band called Insomni Club, showing that she's a singer with some serious musical talent as well.

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Berry is already a proud mom — to her adorable dog, Nenem La Vrai.

Most of Berry's Instagram is made up of modeling photos and travel photos, but she also posts a ton of cute photos of her dog Nenem La Vrai (who has her own Insta, of course) as well as friends' dogs.

In fact, Apa's "Riverdale" co-star Camila Mendes commented on the couple's pregnancy announcement by saying, "Another Nenem on the way" with an angel emoji.


Apa originally revealed that he was in a relationship in 2019, though he didn't share many details.

In a December 2019 interview where he answered questions that were frequently googled about him, he shared that he was "very much in love right now."

But at the time, he didn't say with whom.

The two went public when he shared nude photos of Berry while the two were on vacation.

With the caption "there's nowhere else," Apa shared stunning photos of the beauty in an undisclosed location in August of 2020, officially declaring their love.


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Apa and Berry announced her pregnancy in a series of his-and-her Instagram posts.

The pair shared several adorable bump shots, including one of the two of them sitting on a couch, to which Apa added a reply simply saying, "she's pregnant btw."


And Berry posted her own maternity series showcasing the French model's bun croissant in the oven.

The two are clearly utterly smitten, and will certainly become even more so now that they'll be a party of three.


Apa was previously reported to be dating Britt Robertson.

Although he never confirmed the relationship, Apa reportedly dated Britt Robertson, his costar in the movie "I Still Believe."

At the time, it was reported that they were seen holding hands and hugging at Comic-Con in San Diego, but whatever may have existed between them obviously doesn't anymore.

Being that Apa is so private about his relationships, it's no wonder he never spoke about this one (or the subsequent breakup).

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