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Ethan Klein Claims Jeff Wittek’s Friend Stalked & Threatened Him Ahead Of Interview About David Dobrik Drama

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Cody Padrino, Ethan Klein, Jeff Wittek, David Dobrik

YouTuber and host of 'The H3 Podcast,' Ethan Klein, has recently canceled an interview with fellow influencer Jeff Wittek after Klein claimed Wittek's friend, Cody Padrino, has been threatening and harassing both him and his wife, Hila.

Wittek had been scheduled to appear on Klein's podcast to talk about all of the recent drama happening between him and former friend and influencer, David Dobrik. However, Klein ultimately pulled the plug on the interview, claiming that on two separate occasions, Padrino had broken into his neighborhood and threatened Klein in front of his house.

“Jeff’s not coming on the show for good reason,” Klein explained in a recent video. “I’ll just say it – Jeff’s friend, the guy I was making fun of, he came into our f**king gated community and was filming, driving by our house and saying, ‘I have all the info you need Ethan, don’t test me!’ Like threatening me and my family in front of our house.”

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Klein claimed that during the incident, which Padrino also documented on his own Instagram story, he revealed Klein’s license plate and zoomed into his house.

Klein says called the police and tightened security at the front gate of his neighborhood. 

“That was a horrible experience,” he continued. “They think it’s funny, I guess, to drive by my house and intimidate me.”

Despite clarifying that Klein knows Wittek had nothing to do with his friend's threats, he still decided to cancel the interview due to the relationship Wittek has with Padrino.

Who is Jeff Wittek's friend, Cody Padrino?

Cody Padrino, whose real name is Cody Concepcion, is a 35-year-old influencer and vlogger, who is best known for his lifestyle content and motivational speaking.

Padrino was introduced to the internet via one of David Dobrik's vlogs in which Dobrik goes with Wittek to collect Padrino from prison.

Padrino and Wittek are childhood friends, who were both born and raised in Staten Island. New York.

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Padrino had previously served time in prison after an incident that happened during his early life, but while in jail, Padrino "gained a great deal of valuable life experience."

It was after being released from prison that Padrino began working with young people as a mentor.

"Padrino also works as a fitness guru, and life coach, who documents his health journey, travel, and experience while in prison on his YouTube channel.

Following the claims that Padrino had been stalking Klein and his wife, Wittek made his own video saying that he had made the decision to not go on the podcast, adding that his and Klein's "sense of humor doesn't align." 

Wittek also revealed that Padrino is "mentally disabled and schizophrenic," adding, "I guess I like surrounding myself with people that have problems and I like to help them because I’m sick in the head too but a different kind."

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