YourTango & IHeartMedia Announce 'Open Relationships' — A New Expert-Packed Podcast That Changes Lives

YourTango's new 'Open Relationships' podcast isn't about what you probably think it's about ... It's better!

Andrea Miller on YourTango's Open Relationships Podcast YourTango

We know what you may be thinking a podcast called "Open Relationships" is all about, and we hope you're not disappointed when we tell you this is not actually about, well, that.

But we are glad we got your attention, and we hope we made you smile!

"Open Relationships" — YourTango's brand new podcast in partnership with iHeartRadio — aims to transform relationships of all stripes.

Be it with significant others, families, friends, co-workers, or with yourself, the goal is to help you open up emotionally to others in order to energize and elevate your relational wellness.


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Our founder and CEO Andrea Miller hosts "Open Relationships: Transforming Together," along with co-hosts Joanna Schroeder and Jonas Koffler, and producer Bryon Adkins — all YourTango team members, as well.


YourTango's "Open Relationships" podcast launches on Tuesday, October 10th.

Early episodes feature superstars in the relationships and wellness space, including presidential candidate Marianne Williamson, biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, clinical psychologist Sue Johnson, advocate and psychologist Guy Winch, researcher and couples therapist Stan Tatkin, and founders of Imago Relationship Therapy Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt.

We've worked closely with many of these thought leaders and experts before on our YourTango platforms. We'd even call some family. So we're genuinely excited as a team to put our hearts and our excitement behind this truly collaborative effort that we are all so proud of.

"Open Relationships" offers you, the audience, an abundance of insight, entertainment, and actionable takeaways.

The hosts and guests energetically practice and discuss what it looks like to be more open in relationships, including putting themselves in the proverbial hot seat. They bravely and thoughtfully address those delicate questions and topics that we all experience but are often too afraid to discuss or admit.


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On October 10th, you'll be able to find our new podcast on the iHeartRadio app and all other places you get your podcasts.

"iHeartMedia is excited to team up with YourTango to support the launch of this compelling new podcast. We believe that the energy, intention, courage and heart that Andrea and her team bring to the show, along with a set of all-star guests, have all the makings for a successful show. Relationships form the connective tissue that is critical in our individual lives and to the fabric of society." — Michael Biondo, President Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, iHeartMedia

This Tuesday, October 10th, at 3 pm ET, the first 3 episodes of "Open Relationships" will drop. After that, a new episode will come out every Tuesday.

"This podcast offers an entertaining and profoundly needed tonic to a set of crises facing our society today." — Andrea Miller, YourTango CEO and Open Relationships podcast host


Andrea Miller of YourTango's Open Relationships podcast

We are so excited for you to join us for the brave conversations and breakthroughs you deserve.

Listen on iHeartRadio or wherever you get your podcasts.


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Jill Krause is the Thought Leader Editor for YourTango, as well as a writer and content creator with a focus on maternal mental health and midlife reinvention. She’s a published author and has been recognized for her work by Time, Vogue, Washington Post, Us Weekly, Today, and more.