Acacia Brinley Is Back — YouTuber Accused Of Neglecting Disabled Daughter Returns After Quitting Social Media

Fans are wondering where she's been.

Acacia Brinley Instagram

Acacia Brinley — or Acacia Kersey depending on when you joined her fandom — appears to be returning to social media after a series of controversies pushed her off the app.

The early 2010s era of Tumblr was an age like no other. 

The rise of the manic pixie dream girl, grunge aesthetic, and the absurd chokehold that mustaches had over the entirety of society at the time was astounding. But one girl stood out among them all — Acacia Brinley.


However, those who followed her rise to internet notoriety know Brinley was pushed off social media in October 2021 and has been radio silent until recently.

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What happened to Acacia Brinley?

Brinley’s life has been consistently plagued with drama. Brinley first skyrocketed to fame when she began posting on Tumblr. 

Her conventional beauty became the eye of every teenage girl at the time.


She was seen with bands like 5 Seconds of Summer and was linked with former OTL member Sam Pottorf, which skyrocketed her into fame.

Acacia Brinley was the "it" girl of her time.

Acacia Brinley was repeatedly called out for resurfaced racist tweets.

Over the years, Brinley faced repeated accusations of racism when fans would bring up old tweets in which she used the n-word and spoke down about people of color.



She would eventually apologize for these statements. But, despite this controversy, Brinley continued to find fame online


In 2015, Brinley met her husband Jairus Kersey — while she was 17 and he was 24.

The relationship moved fast and the two were soon married and expecting their first child, who was named after her mom's last name — Brinley.

Brinley started to vlog herself as a newfound mother and garnered more fans through this, as family vlogging was extremely popular.

But the cracks in Brinley’s foundation were starting to spider.

Following the birth of her daughter, Brinley had another baby girl, Rosemary, in 2018 and later welcomed a son, Cali.

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Acacia Brinley was accused of mistreating her daughter, Rosemary.

Fans were quick to notice how differently Brinley treated her other daughter.


Due to complications, Rosemary was unfortunately born premature and suffered from a lot of health issues before eventually being diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome.

Brinley was accused of downplaying this and putting her immunocompromised daughter at risk by continuing to go out and about at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Fans also called her out for repeatedly leaving Rosie lying on the ground in the background of her videos.


Acacia Brinley left social media after being accused of 'stealing' from another creator.

But everything came to a head in October 2021 when Brinley was called out by a creator for stealing and reselling photo-editing presets made by the other creator.



She released a statement confirming her departure.

"Time to move on. The negatives of being an influencer finally outweigh the positives."


 "This role has done an immense amount of damage to me, my relationships, my financial stability, and my view of the world."

Brinley was shunned from social media and deleted everything containing her family, leaving only a screenshot of the refunds she sent to people who bought the presets.

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Fans think Acacia Brinley and Jairus Kersey have divorced and believe she is pregnant.

Brinley remained off of social media until recently she started posting again.

In one of her recent social media posts, Brinley posted a TikTok compiling the highs and lows that her fans missed while she was away.




Kersey and their children remained off-camera.

When one of her fans welcomed her back with, “Hello again mrs,” Brinley was quick to reply with, “More like Ms.” Many are using this as evidence of the two’s split.


A Twitter account claiming to be Brinley also tweeted, on November 17, an emoji showing a baby along with a note that read "on the way... 2022."

Fans took this as confirmation of a pregnancy.

While neither Brinley nor Kersey have confirmed nor denied if they have divorced, there’s no question that Brinley is officially back on social media. 


Hopefully, she can commit to doing better not only for herself but for her children as well. 

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