7 Weird Rules The Cast Of Squid Game Had To Follow

Even while filming the cast had to follow some odd rules.

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The Netflix K-drama show, 'Squid Game' seemed to become a worldwide sensation overnight.

The fast-paced show captivated viewers with its intense storyline that followed a group of players each competing for the chance to win a huge cash prize that will help them pay off their debts.

The characters in the show have to experience some gruesome moments while playing these highly dangerous games, but it was sometimes brutal for the actors while filming for the show.


Here are 7 weird rules the cast of 'Squid Game' had to follow.

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1. The cast had to stay in excellent shape.

According to Lee Yoo-mi, who played Ji-yeong in the series, the actors had to give it their all during a few scenes that required extra strength.

Many of the 'Squid Game' cast members named the tug-of-war scene as the hardest one to shoot.

"Tug-of-war was the hardest,” said Lee Yoo-mi. “We were really using all our strength to play against a machine, not a group of people.”

Since the case didn't have stunt doubles to help them film, much of what we were watching were the actual actors doing such intense scenes.


“I really gave it my all,” said Heo Sung-tae, who played Deok-su. “I threw up so many times.”

2. The cast members weren't allowed to spoil anything from the show.

There are many plot twists and unexpected moments that happen in 'Squid Game,' so it's no surprise that the production team worked hard to make sure the actors didn't spill any secrets.

According to The Things, the cast wasn't allowed to do interviews before the series aired unless they were cleared by the production team.

It seems that not allowing for any press before the show premiered could have added to the elusiveness behind the show, prompting more people to tune in and watch.


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3. The cast had to learn and understand the children's games that are played in the show.

The cast of 'Squid Games' had to understand each game that their characters were playing in the show.

Many of the games played in the show are actual games played by children in Korea, but there were some Korean actors on set who had been unfamilar with some games after being cast.

“Squid Game, or ojingeo in Korean, is a real kids’ game here, but not all Koreans actually know it,” said Netflix executive Minyoung Kim. “My generation knows it, but my niece’s generation probably wouldn’t.”


4. 'Squid Game' extras weren't allowed to move during the scene in the VIP lounge.

In the show, there's a scene where Jun-ho manages to infiltrate the VIP lounge, where rich masked men were sitting around and being served drinks while watching one of the games in which the players had to jump across glass stepping stones.

In that scene, there were human figures covered in body paint that can be seen in the background and even being used as footstools for the VIPs.

According to Film Daily, these characters were played by real people who had to stand completely still during filming.

The extras were also paid around 5,000,000 won ($4,243 USD) each for just three days of filming.


5. They could only take short breaks when filming.

According to The Things, despite 'Squid Game' having the Netflix budget, they still couldn't waste too much time in between filming scenes.

Any breaks taken while filming had to be short to make sure they didn't fall behind schedule.

Many of the scenes also required spending a lot of time setting up and cleaning up afterward, meaning the cast and crew had to be very diligent about timing getting the takes done efficiently.

6. The cast were diligent about not drinking alcohol while filming.

It's normal for people to want to go out for drinks, especially after enduring a long day at work, but for the cast of 'Squid Game' that was not an option for them.


Jung Ho-yeon, who played Kang Sae-byeok, would often ask her cast-mates if they wanted to go out for drinks after filming, but her invites were often declined, according to The Things.

The actors usually had physically, mentally, and emotionally intense work to do every day, and couldn't afford to have anything negatively affect them.

7. Jung Ho-yeon worked with an accent coach to perfect a North Korean accent.

According to Insider, Jung's character in the show, Sae-byeok is from North Korea, so she has a North Korean accent. 


However, when she is around the other players in the show, who are predominantly South Korean, she actively tries to hide her North Korean accent. Her real accent only comes out when we hear her speaking to her brother.

In an interview with W Korea, Jung revealed that she learned how to put on a North Korean accent by watching "a lot of documentaries about North Korean defectors."

She also spent a lot of time practicing the accent with a teacher who helped her to prepare for the role as a North Korean defector.

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