Woman Explains Why She Breastfed Her Husband — And Why He Liked It

This woman's husband took one for the team.

woman breastfed husband twodears / TikTok

A mother of two named Jennifer, who goes by the username twodears on TikTok, recently posted an interesting story about breastfeeding... her husband. 

Jennifer posted a now viral TikTok, explaining that she started to experience pain in her right breast and discovered it was mastitis. Mastitis is a painful infection of the breast tissue and is caused by a blocked milk duct.

“There are some things in marriage and having babies that you just can’t prepare for, and this is one of them,” she said.




Jennifer explained that she had a big knot in her breast and began taking antibiotics along, as well as trying Epsom salt baths, hot towels, and different supplements. However, nothing was working and her daughter, Adelina, was unable to breastfeed from that breast. 


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Jennifer came across an article that suggested her partner could help her clear the blockage.

Her husband agreed and was breastfed to clear the milk duct — and it worked.

The most bizarre part of all? He actually enjoyed the taste!

In a follow up video, Jennifer asked for her husband’s perspective of the event. 



“It was different and I felt like I was sucking poison out of you... like, you know, you’ve got a snake bite,” he revealed 


Jennifer then asked what he would rank the taste as, from 1 to 10. “It was very good, I don’t know if I would give it a number, maybe a 9,” he said.

However, he then clarified he would rate it a 10: “I don’t want to admit that it was a 10 out of 10, it was really good.” 

He explained that after Jennifer's duct became unclogged, the milk began to spray into the back of his throat and it became overwhelming, at which point he started to get grossed out and gagged. 

But he would do it again!

Jennifer's blocked milk duct cleared within three minutes. 

Jennifer made a response video to a comment that asked how long it took her husband to clear it out. She revealed it worked within three minutes flat. 




The couple tried to make light of the situation since Jennifer was in a lot of pain, and they began to laugh during the awkward experience. In another TikTok, Jennifer explained it was “awkward and funny, but also like he’s my hero.” 

Jennifer has now gained a larger following after sharing her experience and has 105,000 followers on the app. 

The original video has been viewed 15.5 million times. 


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However, the attention has also come with haters. 

One comment, which led the mother to make a serious video, was, “This is something you keep to yourself. Nobody needs to know this.” 



Jennifer responded, “Nursing and breastfeeding should not be something to be ashamed of, and my partner helping me out with an infection that could land me in the hospital is not something to be ashamed of, and women suffer in silence all the time for women’s health issues.” 


“We’re able to look at women’s boobs in every other form and talk about them in every other form," she continued. "But when it comes to what they’re made for, it should be hidden and, like, personal and private. I think that's problematic.” 

Keep doing you, mama!

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