Kylie Jenner's Nails May Be A Clue She Is Pregnant With Baby #2 — And Faking Her Instagram Posts

Plus other tell-tale signs.

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From her nail art to her sushi order, fans are watching carefully for clues that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with baby number two.

If there’s one thing Jenner knows how to do it’s hide a pregnancy — we’re still reeling from her discreet pregnancy with her daughter Stormi. 

But some eagle-eyed fans are refusing to be fooled twice by the reality star and makeup mogul, hence all eyes are on Jenner’s social media for clues that she and Travis Scott are expecting a baby again. 


Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with baby #2? Clues she’s secretly pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby.

Here are all the clues that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expanding their family and giving Stormi a sibling!

Kylie Jenner’s nail art hasn’t changed in weeks. 

A fan on TikTok shared a theory that Jenner may be posting old photos on her Instagram to disguise her pregnancy. 

The giveaway is her simple French tip nail art that seems to be the same in photos that date as far back as 15 weeks ago. 

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The theory is that she stockpiled photos with a pregnancy bump so no one would suspect that she is expecting. During her last pregnancy, one of the tell-tale signs was her lack of full-body photos so it’s possible she’s gotten even more strategic about her secret pregnancy. 

Jenner isn’t one to stick with the same style for long so it seems surprising that she hasn’t switched up her nails in weeks!

On Monday, she appeared to address the speculation with an Instagram story of new nails and the caption: “Been into the simple nails lately.” 

But still no images of her body with the new nails so don’t believe everything you see just yet!


Kylie Jenner appears to be avoiding raw fish. 

Another giveaway could be Jenner’s new diet. The mom-of-one previously shared a post of her sushi order which seemed to be all avocado rolls and no raw fish. 

Of course, it’s not recommended to consume raw fish while pregnant so the meal added to the pregnancy rumors. 


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Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are reportedly trying for a baby. 

These clues come shortly after a source claimed Jenner and Scott are trying for their second child. 

The couple reconciled earlier this year after their 2019 breakup and are reported to be stronger than ever as they make plans to grow their family. 


"Kylie and Travis are doing great. They are in the best place they’ve been in years," the source stated

"She is not pregnant, though they have been trying for baby number two for the past few months. They aren’t engaged at this point, either."

Given this report was over a month ago, is it possible Jenner is already pregnant with her second child? 

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