Tristan Thompson Allegedly Cheated On Khloé Kardashian — Again — With Instagram Model Sydney Chase

Chase claims that Thompson told her he was single, and he continued talking to her until this month.

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Tristan Thompson has been accused of cheating on Khloé Kardashian once again, this time with Sydney Chase, a 23-year-old Instagram model living in Los Angeles.

Kardashian and Thompson only recently reconciled after a series of cheating scandals rocked their relationship.

Kardashian confirmed her reunion with Thompson on Instagram back in March, when she shared a post for her on-again boyfriend’s 30th birthday.


But the famous reality TV pair might be on the rocks again after Chase said she hooked up with Thompson after he and Kardashian got back together.

Who is Sydney Chase, and are she and Tristan Thomspson having an affair behind Khloé Kardashian's back?

Here’s all you need to know about Instagram and OnlyFans model Sydney Chase and her rumored fling with the NBA (and just in general) player.

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Sydney Chase is a model and social media influencer.

Chase's Instagram account has over 33 thousand followers — more than a third of which have been gained since the scandal broke, leading some to accuse her of clout-chasing.

The model has posted numerous sexy snaps, and photos in travel destinations from Miami to Dubai.


Chase is also popular on TikTok and appeared in a music video for rapper Lil Skies in 2018.

The story of a relationship between Chase and Thompson first surfaced last week, during a podcast interview.

Chase and three of her friends — known as The Blackout Girls and including former "American Idol" contestant Erika Perry — appeared on a segment of the “No Jumper” podcast that was posted on YouTube last Thursday.

Responding to a question from her friend about Thompson’s sexual prowess, Chase revealed that the basketball star is uncircumcised.


Chase went on to explain her history with the basketball star. She stressed that Thompson had told her “he was not in a relationship anymore,” before the two began seeing each other, and that the pair went on to become closely involved.

“We talked, hung out multiple times, we went out together, everything,” Chase recounted.

Chase seemed confused about the chronology of her relationship with Thompson.

She initially stated that their interactions began in November, but quickly switched to say it had happened in January.

Two details of Chase’s story remained consistent: Thompson had convinced her he was single, and their involvement ended when “I found out that he was not single and I cut him off.”


In addition to Instagram modeling, Chase has an active OnlyFans account.

Chase's OnlyFans page reportedly launched "just days" before she shared the details of her relationship with Thompson on the podcast.

During the show she revealed that she was "about to start one."

"I was like, I'm not doing, I'm not doing it," Chase said. "And then I'm like, the other day I was like, guess what: I'm doing it."

Asked by host Adam 22 if she's nervous about being naked on the internet, Chase replied, "No. If you look on my Instagram, I'm already naked on Instagram."

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Chase later clarified her claims about Thompson on TikTok.

She shared further details about her affair with Thompson in a recent TikTok post.


In the video, the model apologized for sharing “personal” details about Thompson’s body, saying that it was “not cool” of her to publicly discuss his privates.

Chase went on to double down on her story, saying that she and Kardashian's partner “did have past relations, I did find out that he was in a relationship, and I ended things.”

She also cleared up the timeline of her tryst with Thompson, explaining that “things got misconstrued” due to her drunken state during the interview.

“We first met in November,” Chase said, “and that’s when everything started,” implying that the connection continued over the coming months.


Chase attests that she was still in touch with Thompson as recently as this month.

She said in her TikTok that “the last time we had contact… was the day after his daughter’s birthday party.”

The party in question took place on April 12, meaning that Chase purportedly spoke to Thompson only two weeks ago.

The influencer also said that Thompson contacted her again after she went public about their affair, but she did not share details of the apparent interaction.

Khloé Kardashian seems to have alluded to the scandal on social media.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star has yet to address the drama directly, but her recent posts reflect the inner turmoil she may be experiencing.


Two days after Chase’s podcast appearance was published, Kardashian shared a text post on Twitter that referenced having “had a rough week.”

The message addressed a hypothetical reader who feels they are “under constant storm clouds,” and “doesn’t know how much longer (they) can go on.”

In another tweet, Kardashian encouraged her followers not to “waste” their lives.

She also double-posted a quote from poet Nikita Gill, saying “if you have been brutally broken, but still have the courage to be gentle to others then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself.”


Thompson has so far remained silent on the issue.

However, Thompson’s lawyer, Marty Singer, reportedly sent cease and desist letters to both Sydney Chase and “No Jumper” podcast host Adam John Grandmaison.

In response, Grandmaison quickly deleted the original video in which Chase told her story about Thompson and later re-uploaded it without the incriminating remarks.


Chase claims not to have received a letter, but a source confirmed that at least one was sent to her via email.

“It is obvious that you are a liar,” the message opens, going on the refer to Chase’s claims as “malicious” and “defamatory.”

The notice ends with a legal threat: if Chase continues to “defame” the basketball star, “you do so at your peril since you may find yourself in court attempting to defend your indefensible misconduct."

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