Travis Barker Explains How His Daughter Alabama Predicted His Plane Crash When She Was 3 Years Old

Alabama Barker may have a sixth sense.

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Since Travis Barker was a kid, he has been haunted by visions of dying in a plane crash.

He recalled in an interview with Larry King that flying was his biggest fear, and that at a young age he would have dreams about dying in a plane crash at specific times in the future.

In 2008, his worst nightmare came true when a Learjet 60 he was traveling in from South Carolina to California went up in flames killing four passengers and leaving him with burns covering 65% of his body.


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Travis Barker almost died in a plane crash that his 3-year-old daughter may have predicted.

In his book, ‘Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums, Drums, Drums’, Barker reveals that his daughter Alabama, who was 3 years old at the time, had a disturbing sixth sense that something bad was going to happen.


He claims that on that September day of 2008, Alabama was crying hysterically and didn’t want him to fly. He tried to calm her down but she wouldn’t stop.

“The roof’s gonna come off, Dad, the roof’s gonna come off,” she apparently told him.

Barker recalls trying to figure out what was triggering his daughter’s hysteria. At first, he thought maybe an earthquake had shook the ceiling and scared her. At the moment the tire blew out, he knew why Alabama didn’t want him to fly.

When the plane took off down the runway just before midnight, the tires blew out due to a loss of pressure, and Barker recalls hearing what sounded like gunshots. The airplane ran out of runway space and crashed through the airport boundary fence before cutting across Highway 302 in South Carolina.


In his interview with King, Barker explains how the plane caught fire as it impacted the ground multiple times before coming to rest at an embankment.

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“I just basically braced for impact every time,” he says. “You know the plane basically would go up in the air and then it would crash down and hit the ground, and then it would come up and then it would crash down and hit the ground.”


“And every time we would hit the ground, the flames and the smoke would get bigger,” he goes on to say, explaining that before the last impact, the plane was completely on fire. He explains the final moments of the crash: “We go down to swoop back up and we hit an embankment.” 

If the plane hadn’t stopped at the embankment, it’s likely the fire would have taken Barker’s life — a fate he remembers being prepared for.

“I was honestly just waiting for the lights out,” he says. “I was just waiting for the next impact.”


Two of Barker’s closest friends and two pilots died in the crash. Luckily, he made it out alive.

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