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Teen Wonders If She Was Wrong To Call The Police On Troubled Best Friend & Get Him Arrested

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teen girl gets her best friend arrested

After getting her best friend arrested, a teen girl went to Reddit to ask if she is a bad person for doing so.

She explains how she has known her friend since they were kids and had been quite close. 

However, recently they had grown distant as her best friend was going through grief, “Around a year ago his father had passed away and I tried my best to be there for him but he had become distant.”

The girl wanted to help her best friend in his tough time as he had plans and goals for his future. She tried to help him at school with his studies as his grades were taking a hit.

“I had been noticing that his grades were slipping and he wanted to work in the medical field,” she explains.

When he started getting involved with the wrong crowd at school, the teen decided to intervene.

“It only came to my attention when I caught him in his backyard, that instead of studying he had been hanging out with a new friend group who were known at our school for being druggies.”

The girl warned her best friend against it but he disregarded her and went on to do drugs.

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To make matters worse, the girl heard at school that her best friend and his group of friends might break into the school to steal some prize money for a Christmas competition.

She didn’t know if this was true or just a rumor so she snuck into the school to confirm it herself.

The rumor had been true as she found her best friend and his friends at school causing chaos.

“Him and his mates were just trashing the whole place with a wad full of cash and drugs.”

At this point, she didn’t know how to help him further but she still did the best thing she could think of, calling the cops.

However, it ended quite badly for her best friend. “He is now facing a charge of... 3 years and a fine of $4000 last time I checked.”

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While she had the best intentions in mind, she still feels terrible for taking such a drastic step that ruined his life.

“I feel horrible because sending him to jail will stop him from working his dream job, his life will be heavily impacted and I already know that our relationship has been destroyed.”

So, she went to Reddit to ask people what they think.

There were many mixed opinions among people about this situation.

One user commented, “You did the best you could to save him and there's only so much you can really do to help someone bent on self destructing.”

Another user commented, “Someone needed to step in and if hitting rock bottom in a jail cell is what it takes, then so be it. Also, when he gets out, he can still go to school, maybe not to be a doctor, but something just as good.”

There was another comment which suggested a different approach to the situation. The person claimed that there were many other things the girl could have done instead of calling the cops. 

“Since you obviously had the specifics of the break-in ahead of time, why did you not 1. Notify your parents? 2. Notify the school so they could increase security? 3. Notify your 'best friend' ahead of time that you will be calling the police… he will be arrested if he follows through on this plan?”

There were many other comments like that as well. It seems people think that what the girl did was right but at the same time could have chosen a different approach. 

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