Georgia Police Officer Called To Remove Young Boy From A Neighborhood Surprises Him With A PlayStation

The young man was just trying to save up some money by helping out his neighbors.

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A Georgia police station was called by Hapeville residents who wanted a young man “removed” from the area. However, when an officer arrived on the scene and discovered why the juvenile was there in the first place, he decided to gift him with the surprise of a lifetime.

The officer first met the child after residents asked for him to be "removed from the area."

According to a Facebook post shared by the City of Hapeville Police, Officer Colleran was dispatched to a call from residents wanting a “juvenile removed from the area.” When Colleran arrived, he met the young man, who told him that he was walking around the neighborhood in search of work.


“[He] explained he was in the area because he wanted to do yard work: pulling weeds, cutting grass, and trimming hedges,” the Facebook post read. The young man was reportedly attempting to earn money to save up for a PlayStation. “The young man was polite, respectful, and truthful.”

Officer Colleran, who is familiar with video games and enjoys them himself, admired the young man’s dedication and efforts while also attempting to help out his neighbors. 

Colleran was so inspired, he decided to gift the young man with his very own PlayStation that he was working so hard for. 

A heartwarming video depicts Colleran popping open the trunk of his vehicle as the young man stands beside him. When he realizes that the trunk contains a PlayStation that belongs to him, the young man cups his hands over his mouth in shock before offering Colleran a hug. 


officer colleran surprising kid with playstationPhoto: Facebook

“Officer Colleran and some of his friends were able to not only get this young man the video game system but a gift card to pay for the membership so he could play immediately,” the Police Department shared. “Officer Colleran made sure that this young man knew they would play on the same team online soon!” 

People were deeply moved by the officer’s actions. 

“Give this officer flowers. Thank you, sir. You made a difference in the life of this child forever,” one Facebook user commented. “Grateful for this officer and the others who turned what could have been a negative experience for this little guy into a memory with meaning that will positively impact him for the rest of his life,” another user wrote. 


“[This] young man has been to my house looking for work. He was so polite and I could tell he was out of his comfort zone. Dittos to this officer,” a third user shared.

Other users noted the significance of positive interactions with police officers, and how they impact citizens’ lives. 

“We all need more of this kind of interaction. An extra special thanks to the officer for having the compassion and wisdom to sort the information out and perform a great act of kindness,” one user pointed out. 

“This is the real way it's supposed to be! Protect and serve. Many police officers forget this,” another user wrote. 

Not only did this dedicated young man receive the gaming station he was working so hard for, but he also gained the appreciation of his new friend and gaming buddy, Officer Colleran, who recognized his commitment and decided to reward him for it rather than unnecessarily punish him. 


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