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Woman Gives Stepdaughter With Nut Allergy A Snickers After Mistaking Her For Twin Sister — Their Mom Is Furious

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Candy bars are a fan favorite among children, but not all candies are appropriate for everyone — especially those with severe allergies.

One woman knows this all too well after her stepdaughter suffered an allergic reaction in front of her after taking a bite of the woman’s Snickers candy bar.

The girl’s biological mother blamed the woman for the mistake and now refuses to leave her children alone with her.

Now the woman is wondering if she should have been more careful.

The woman doesn't think it's her fault her stepdaughter had an allergic reaction.

Posting her story on the subreddit "r/AmItheA–-hole" (AITA), the woman asked other users if she was wrong for letting her stepdaughter have some of her candy bars even though she has a nut allergy.

The 25-year-old woman began her post by sharing that she is married to her 42-year-old husband Richard, who has two nine-year-old daughters from a previous marriage.

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The daughters are identical twins named Isabelle and Maria, and the woman often struggles with telling them apart. 

“I struggle to tell the girls apart so my husband gave Isabelle a pink wristband and Maria a blue one so I could tell them apart,” the woman wrote.

The woman is currently five months pregnant with her son, and she reveals that one of her biggest cravings has been Snickers candy bars. 

However, she is extremely cautious of where she snacks on them since Maria has a severe nut allergy. 

“I usually eat them in my car, our bedroom, or the backyard to avoid contamination,” the woman wrote. “Maria's allergy is quite severe and she knows she isn't supposed to eat anything with nuts in them.” 

One afternoon, the woman was in bed watching TV while eating Snickers bars when one of her twin stepdaughters entered her room.

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The woman believed that the twin was Isabelle, who was not allergic to nuts. 

“I asked who she was and she said she was Isabelle and she asked to come to sit by me,” the woman shared.  “I checked the wristband to make sure it was Isabelle and she had a pink one so I didn't think twice and I let her sit by me.” 

The girl took one of the woman’s Snickers bars and ate a piece of it.

The woman was not concerned since she had confirmed with the girl that she was indeed Isabelle. 

However, she was proven wrong when the girl started experiencing an allergic reaction. 

“Turns out I was wrong and the girls had swapped wristbands to play a joke on me,” the woman wrote.

Thankfully, the woman had an Epipen on her that she administered to Maria, then quickly rushed her to the hospital. 

After alerting her husband of the situation, he and the girl’s mother arrived at the ER.

The woman claims that the mother was “infuriated” with her and began yelling at her, sending her into a panic attack.

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Fortunately, Maria made a full recovery, and the twins admitted to playing a prank on the woman. 

“Maria hasn't had a reaction for the past few years so she's saying she forgot how bad and serious they were,” the woman explained. 

Still, their mother continued to blame the woman.

“Their mother is saying that I shouldn't have any nut products in the house that could tempt Maria and since I struggle to tell them apart, the smart thing would've been for me not to allow either of them to have the chocolate,” the woman wrote. 

“She's now demanding that the girls aren't to be left alone with me and other family members are berating me for being careless.”

The woman’s husband however sided with her, arguing that Maria is old enough to be aware of her allergy and that it was not the woman’s fault since she had been tricked into believing that Maria was Isabelle.

Redditors supported the woman and believed that she was not to blame for her stepdaughter eating the Snickers bar.

“Not only did you already attempt to confirm which individual you were giving the candy to, but you were explicitly lied to when you did so,” one user pointed out.

“Maria knowingly ingested a nut product of her own volition. She is not a wild animal who can’t control herself if you have nuts in the house.” 

“The whole thing about not being old enough to remember their allergies is absurd,” another user shared. “The prank was silly and I’m sure they meant to have fun but it should have ended when the Snickers were involved.” 

“This was an honest mistake on your part,” another user commented. “Their mom is overreacting, probably as an excuse to get on to you. If their dad is okay with nuts in the house, that's the end of it.” 

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