Son Records Video Of Himself Breaking His Mom's IPad In Order To Surprise Her With A Gift

He could have traded it in.

son breaks moms iPad only to surprise her with a new one TikTok

It’s always nice to be surprised here and there, but is there a line of going too far? Millions of people watched as TikToker Justin Han broke an iPad in order to surprise his mom with a new one. 

TikToker records himself as he slammed his mom’s iPad on the kitchen floor. 

A popular TikTok creator known as justinhansome planned a surprise for his mother in which he broke her beloved iPad for his 2.6 million followers to see.


The first few seconds of the video showcased Justin dropping the iPad from his height level. He then showed his mother trying to use her IPad which wouldn't respond to her touch. Justin briefly mentioned that "he didn't like it" and that, "it was old" and showed how his mom became frustrated with the iPad not working for her.

So, he hatched a plan to surprise her with a new one. In the "comedic" video Han rolled into an Apple store to buy his mother a brand-new iPad.



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Once he acquired the new tablet, Han continued to break the old one with a hammer. 

In a playful manner, he dropped the iPad on the floor once again and told his mom, “I was just looking at your iPad and I dropped it.” His mother actually laughed instead of becoming angry. Upon seeing this reaction, several viewers commented on how his mom was "too sweet" and "adorable" for not getting mad. 

The iPad, unfortunately, did not break within the first few drops, so Han grabbed a hammer and used it to completely break the iPad. Han repeatedly hit the hammer against the iPad until it finally broke since it was surprisingly durable. 

His mother then had come in to ask him if he had dropped the iPad again, and they both shared a laugh.

son breaks moms ipad on tiktokPhoto: TikTok


Finally having broken the old tablet, Han surprised his mother when he pulled out the Apple store bag and handed it to her. 

His sweet mother asked in shock, “What is this, My beautiful Korean boy?” She then pulled out her new iPad and held it close to her chest. His mother was almost in tears from gratitude. 

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Justin explained to her that he broke the iPad so the TikTok would be funnier since the message behind it was honestly touching.

The Tiktoker bought his mother a new iPad because he didn't want her to be bored and lonely when he moved out.

He explained in the video to his mother that, "When I move out you're gonna be lonely. So I got you this so you wouldn't be too bored without me." Justin and his mom shared a short hug, a laugh, and a cry. 


The video's comments contain a few jokes like this one, “Your mom is so sweet though she didn’t even care that you broke it. My mom would’ve killed me.” From the video, it seemed as though his mom wanted him to break it. 

son breaks moms ipad on tiktokPhoto: TikTok

However, the comments were overwhelmingly positive and were in regard to how sweet his mom was and how “wholesome” the interaction was between the two. 


In the end, his mom got a new iPad and Justin got to give his mom a nice and sentimental gift before moving out.

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